Got Some Sleep

Song: “Hitchin’ a Ride” by Green Day

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The extra zopiclone seems to have helped me get a better sleep last night. I waited until I felt tired and when I went to bed it didn’t take me very long to fall asleep, probably less than twenty minutes. I woke up once from a nightmare but was able to get back to sleep pretty quickly.

Today I spent more time looking through the microscope at the algae that J found in the aquarium a couple of days ago. It’s really quite interesting – like fine little green threads growing together. I also did my exercises and some writing, but the writing was difficult to do today.

My Dr P appointment went quite well. He wasn’t upset that I didn’t finish my homework and we had a little chat to see how I was doing before we went through my first session of EMDR therapy. We’re working on something from a long time ago and the process was quite interesting. Part of EMDR is following the therapist’s hand back and forth with your eyes, and I’ve got to admit, after the first round I was kind of thinking, “this is pretty cheesy”.

After a couple of rounds, though, things started happening. It’s tough to describe, but it’s almost as if the thing we were working on started to feel more distant and unimportant. Less “I’m a bad person” and more “I was a kid and kids do stupid things”.

I don’t know how many rounds we did but by the end of the session I was looking forward to going home and seeing if my opinion of what we worked on would stick or change back to where I was thinking I was a bad person. So far, it seems to be sticking. Who would’ve known that being guided to move your eyes back and forth and talk about what’s going on in your head would be so helpful? I found it all a bit tiring but am looking forward to our next session.

Our garden has produced its first ripening tomatoes. I don’t like raw tomatoes (I like tomato products), but J really likes them. I hope they finish ripening up and are nice and tasty. Our potato plants have become so large that they’re collapsing under their own weight. Hopefully that means that there’ll be a lot of potatoes to pull out of the dirt!

I noticed on the way home today that some of the trees are already starting to lose leaves. It’s not even September! Hopefully this doesn’t mean an early winter…

I’m not sure what I’m going to do tomorrow. I expect I will spend some more time at the microscope and, if the weather is like it was today, I may go for a walk outside.

Stay safe.

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