Got A Letter Today…

Song: “Bongo Rock” by the Incredible Bongo Band

Mood: 6

Nightmares: 0

I can’t remember having any nightmares last night. I do remember having a weird dream where I was chasing little beetles with a toothbrush. I was trying to brush them off the paving stones in the front yard for some reason. I knew that it was my good toothbrush, too, so I would have to rinse it before I used it to brush my teeth again. At least I’m hygienic in my dreams.

I woke up a couple of times, though. One time I was convinced I’d heard a sound so I got out of bed and shuffled around the house for about 15 minutes, turning on all the lights and checking every room and the yard a couple of times. I tried to be as quiet as I could – I don’t think I woke J up. It bothers me a lot when I hear something and can’t immediately tell what it was or where it came from. Even things as simple as a car driving by grabs my attention and interrupts whatever it is I’m trying to do.

I wanted to put that card I was talking about yesterday into the mail today so I went for my walk extra early (around 8:00AM) and took a different route that brought me to a post box. I deposited the card, opened and closed the post box a couple of times to make sure the letter had gone down properly, then opened the post box and took a picture of it so I could stop standing there looking like I was playing hide-and-seek with it. There’s a church nearby with a parking lot that has a pathway back toward my street so I went that way.

When I got home I had breakfast and spent some time checking out the usual websites I lurk at. There wasn’t much going on.

I gave up on my exercises again but even so, they went better than they have for the last couple of days.

After that, I broke out the music and the microscope and looked at the algae I’ve been growing. I couldn’t find any obviously dividing cells, but there was a lot to look at and I’m sure I missed something. After that, I scraped some goop off the side of Lloyd’s tank and looked at it. It was pretty interesting and had a couple of protists darting around in it.

I worked on the DVDs again, too. I think the easy stuff is all sorted away and what’s left now are the tougher ones. Not a big deal, and I’m under no pressure to actually do this. J sorted out all of the TV shows in alphabetical order, and I’m mainly playing with the movies.

Two packages arrived today, and in them were Beetlejuice and Spider-Man: Homecoming. I’m looking forward to watching both of them with J. The last time we saw Spider-Man was in Captain America: Civil War, and that was a little while ago. Beetlejuice is a classic (as far as movies from the 1980s can be).

A letter arrived today, too. It was addressed to me and was from the insurance company. As soon as I realized that, my mouth went dry and my mind started racing. I knew exactly what was in it. They were cutting off my coverage. They were fining me for “faking”. They were demanding I pay back all of the money they had paid out. The police were getting involved.

I threw the envelope down, unopened, on the dining room table and then sat down on the chesterfield and put some loud music on (“Get Over You” by The Undertones is my go-to for this kind of stuff). I tried grounding and distracting myself with my phone, but I could feel panic building.

I needed to know what was in that envelope, but I was utterly unable to make myself pick it up again, nevermind open and read it.

I texted J with the picture of the envelope. She texted back very quickly and asked if I wanted her to call. I initially said no but she said she wasn’t busy so I gave in and asked if she could call.

The phone rang sooner than I was expecting, I waited for the call display to make sure it showed J’s number, I took a deep breath, and then answered the phone. With her cheerleading and talking to me to calm me down, I opened the envelope and read its contents to her over the phone. J said it wasn’t bad news at all – just a normal step in the process. When we were done the call, I put the letter back in the envelope and put it on her desk and out of my sight. I can’t really remember what the letter contained right now, but the fact that J said again after she got home that everything was okay makes me feel a bit better about it.

After I put the envelope away, I went back to my music and grounding, but had a lot of trouble keeping my focus. J got home a couple of hours later and we had supper. After that, we worked on our own stuff. Once I finish posting this, I think we’re going to watch another episode of Boston Legal.

I guess that’s as good a cue as any to wrap up this post.

Stay safe.

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