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Another quick post because I’m already dragging pretty badly…

Today was a good day. I slept poorly last night, fell back asleep after my alarm, and had a nasty case of the flop sweats while being away from the house for almost two hours, but it was good.

FA swung by at about 11:40AM. We talked for a little while and then looked at a neat little block heater cord adapter she had invented and was hoping to install. After a few test fits and some unintentional plastic melting, we headed out to the hardware store to wander around and pick up a couple of things. It was a little more difficult today than it was last week and by the end I was sweating up a storm but we got through the whole store and found most of the stuff we were looking for.

After that, we went to the burrito shop and I stayed in the car while FA ran in to pick up lunch. We headed back to the house (thank Jeebus) and ate (the burritos were fantastic as usual), then looked at the block heater cord adapter again before heading outside to install it.

What seemed like a reasonably pleasant day turned out to be frigid when standing out in the open, trying to manipulate stiff plastic insulation and tiny screws with bare hands. After several rounds of working and then standing there with hands in pockets to warm cold fingers, the adapter was installed and I think it looks pretty great.

After that we went back inside and had another good chat. DM arrived a little while later and the three of us shot the breeze until J got home. We discussed pizza and then put in an order and then got back to talking.

Between good company, good stories, quite a few laughs, and good pizza, the time flew by. I was shocked when DM mentioned that it was after 9PM, and I still don’t know how the time slid by so quickly.

We talked for a few more minutes, then DM and FA put on their parkas and headed out, and J and I tidied up a bit, talked about our days, and eased into our evening routine. I was surprised to find that when I sat back and closed my eyes, I was actually kind of tired – but the good kind of tired where you feel like you’ve done something. I think today was the most active that my brain has been in months, and it was a good thing.

J and I are very lucky to have and be able to hang out with good friends like FA and DM. They’re comfortable people to be around, are fun, don’t mind too much if the house is a mess, and always have neat stuff to do or talk about with. Everybody should have friends like that!

We are going to firm up plans tomorrow afternoon, but it looks like my dad is going to come to visit on Sunday. We may putter around the house and build/fix/whatever some things, or we may take it easy and possibly even go out to the hardware store. Regardless (or ‘irregardless’, as he purposely says to get my goat), it will be great to see him and hang out. Depending on what we end up doing, he may stay the night.

I also invited J’s aunt over next Thursday to play cards and eat potato chips. She has an appointment earlier in the day but agreed to come over in the afternoon but we’re going to talk tomorrow and figure out the details. If things work out I think it’ll be fun – neither of us can remember all the rules to cribbage but that’s fine, and I’m always in the mood for potato chips.

All of this is going to make next week very busy for me: Sunday/Monday – Dad, Tuesday – Dr C, Wednesday – truck going into shop, Thursday – J’s aunt… by Friday I’m going to be pooped but I think it’s going to be good. I need to get out of the house and/or socialize with human beings more, and all of these things are either with people I know and trust, or are close enough to home that I won’t be away for very long. Wish me luck!

Hmm… this post ended up being a lot longer than I expected. Neat!

Stay safe.

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