Good (But Tired) Weekend

I can’t seem to shake whatever it is that’s making me so tired. I’m sleeping 12-14 hours per day, which I really don’t want to do. I’ve got tons of stuff that I either should be doing or want to be doing instead of sleeping the day away.

Otherwise, the weekend went quite well. J and I figured out where we’re going to put the garden and one or two trees, too. I plan to grow a couple of tomato plants, some beans, some onions, some carrots, and some potatoes. It’s not going to be a very large garden but I’m looking forward to getting our first veggies out of it! J and I may go to the lumber store tomorrow to pick up the cedar boards, brackets, and soil to build the garden enclosure and have it ready to go.

WG called this evening. I really wasn’t expecting to hear from him for a while but it was great to talk to him. It was probably the longest phone conversation I’ve had in weeks! He also invited me along to the record store tomorrow so I’ll meet him at his house and we’ll take his car from there. I’m excited about hanging out with WG and going to the record store again. With luck, I’ll find a few more gems in the dollar bin – some more James Last would be great!

I think I’m also going to ask WG if I can buy him lunch. It would be good to be able to sit down and have a good conversation, too.

I have a Dr C appointment on Tuesday, a Dr W appointment on Wednesday, and I may possibly be getting together with FA on Friday. Another busy week coming up!

Stay safe!

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