Good Appointments This Week

Song: “The Thing” by Phil Harris

Mood: 7

Nightmares: 0

Ghosts: Several

Yesterday and today went pretty well. The weather was pleasant, I got some stuff done, and the ghosts weren’t too bad, either.

J worked from home today which was great, too. I did my best to be quiet and sneak around so I wasn’t too disturbing:

I spent a lot of time on electronics and SDR stuff, and things are moving along quite nicely.

We watched more of the first Librarian movie, and I’m happy to say that it ended. Two more to go – we’ll see what happens after the studio had two years to carefully consider audience feedback and make the appropriate adjustments. Fortunately, they don’t have to do much – just completely change the casting, story, characters, effects, dialogue, wardrobe, lighting, sound, music, editing, photography, directing, producing, makeup, hair, stunts, art, grip, gaffer, best boy, and catering. If they fixed that, the next movie should be a lot better.

My Dr C and Dr W appointments this week went well. Both of them are pleased with how things are going and I was glad to be able to tell them things are still going better. Dr C and I talked quite a bit about mindfulness and meditation and she gave me some very useful information. At one point we were talking about Stranger Things – I’m not 100% sure how that happened, but it somehow worked into the conversation.

Dr W was looking at reducing my medications again but I asked if we could hold off until our next appointment. The last time we reduced the quetiapine was more difficult and things have been going pretty well lately so I was hesitant to change things. We talked about it for a bit and he agreed, saying that I was “in the driver’s seat”, although to be honest I’m afraid to change anything without his okay.

So both appointments went well and I won’t see either of them for the next few weeks – Dr C is away and I’ve gone to monthly appointments with Dr W. Which reminds me… I really need to write down the things I want to talk about. At both of my appointments I forgot a lot of the things I wanted to mention or talk about.

J is heading out to visit her folks tomorrow morning and will be back Friday evening. My only plan at this point is to rig up a connector to that big antenna and set it up in the back yard to see what kinds of things I can pick up with it. Hopefully I don’t creep the neighbours out too much…

Stay safe.

2 Thoughts on “Good Appointments This Week

  1. It’s likely your neighbours won’t even notice the anttenna never mind the it has a cable attached.

    • I’m not sure… they were all outside in their yard when I went out to set it up. A minute later when I finished and turned around, there was nothing in their yard but tumbleweeds and settling papers. Probably a coincidence.


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