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This weekend went by pretty quickly. I’m not sleeping all that great again and woke up quite early both yesterday and today. I think it’s harder for me to get back to sleep when it’s bright out and it’s getting brighter earlier. We have a good opaque curtain for the bedroom but some light still leaks into the room from the hallway.

I had trouble doing my exercises again today so I ended up trying to think through things instead. That had the opposite effect from what I was hoping so I worked on grounding and breathing exercises, then just zoned out and stared at the wall for a while, then argued with myself for half an hour about whether I should get off the couch or not.

I finally went back upstairs and talked to J for a little while, then went out for my walk. It was a very nice day out (around +4C) and despite small piles of dirty snow and sand and gravel all over the place, the air smelled fresh. I tried to pace myself and keep from racewalking to get home faster.

J and I caught up on our Star Wars movies this weekend. We watched The Force Awakens again yesterday to refresh our memories of the people, places, and events. Then, this evening, we watched The Last Jedi. Both were pretty good movies but I think I like The Force Awakens a little more. It had more of a sense of wonder and innocence about it, while in The Last Jedi, everybody looks tired and at the end of their rope. I guess that’s probably what they were going for, though.

J did a lot of hard work this weekend, and when she suggested we get some fried chicken and fries from a local (really good) restaurant, I was all for it. J picked it up (which was more of an adventure than she’d expected) and it was wonderful. As an added bonus, the leftovers kept very well in the fridge and were fantastic on day two.

I had a very pleasant experience dealing with the author of the blog post I put up yesterday (B.L. Acker). In addition to being nice enough to let me post her work here, she was very thoughtful and encouraging in our communications, and I really appreciated the time she took to respond to my questions. I put a link to her site yesterday but in case you missed it (and your scroll wheel is broken), you can get to it HERE.

96% of the communication I have through my blog is with spam bots, 3% is with salespeople who want me to pay them to post their stuff on my site or raise my search engine presence (who, come to think of it, are probably also spam bots), and 1% is with real people who are friendly, helpful, and pleasant. I’ve said before that I’m being selfish and have been running this blog for myself, but that 1% sure makes me feel good about it, too.

I spent a lot of time texting with DA about his cabin power plans. It sounds like he is very interested in getting things moving. He also asked me if I could check in on his house remotely while he’s away for a little bit coming up. I agonized over it for a bit, but since he specifically said “remotely”, I figure I can do that. I talked to J about it and she figured it was okay, too. The last time I checked in on DA’s house while he was gone J and I went there in person and it was very, very difficult for me. I was worried I’d leave things unlocked or his cats would get out or I’d mis-set the alarm or leave the water on – any of a million possibilities. Checking it out from the comfort of my own home should be pretty easy to do, and J said she will be here to help if I need it (thank you!!).

I just noticed that Google says my website isn’t “mobile-friendly”. I just checked with my phone and, yes, that does seem to be the case. I apologize to anyone who has been squinting at tiny letters or who has to zoom in and scroll side to side and up and down to read things. I really like the theme I’m using right now but I’m going to check into trying a different one that plays better with mobile devices.

This coming week I only have one appointment – Dr P. J has expressed some interest in coming to my appointment for a little bit to mention some things and ask Dr P some questions. I have no problem with that at all (she already knows more about me than I know about myself) and have sent an email to Dr P seeing if that will be okay.

Other than that, the week is pretty open. No sheets to do this week, but I will get out for my walks and do my exposure trials. I picked the bathroom fan to be my next target. Wish me luck.

Stay safe.

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