Getting Better At The Garage Door

Song: Theme from Super Mario Bros. by Koji Kondo

Mood: 7

Nightmares: 1

I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night. I spent quite a bit of the night awake for some reason, and when J left for work this morning I couldn’t get back to sleep. I remember waking up because of nightmares once. It would prefer zero times but once isn’t too bad I think.

I went outside today and spent my time in the garage. I find that it’s a lot easier to do that than it is going to the park or around the block. Being able to see the house helps a lot, even if I can’t see the front door.

I did several more rounds of ERP with the garage door. The first one didn’t go well but I was able to keep from checking the other three times.

I know that ERP is helpful (it’s worked for me before) but it takes a lot of time. To be successful, I need to keep myself from giving into my compulsions for 100 minutes. I also like leaving half an hour to an hour between attempts so I can relax a bit before trying again. That means that a successful try takes between two and two and a half hours, so I can only do three or four attempts per day.

I find that during the trials where I do end up checking usually only last around fifteen to twenty minutes. If I can hold on past that, chances are I’ll be able to make it to the 100 minute mark. If I check, I still give myself half an hour to an hour before trying again.

Aside from the ERP, I worked on the quadcopter again today. That motor is still being stubborn but every once in a while it starts up. After working on it for a few hours I brought it into the bedroom, put it on the bed, and turned it on and off a bunch of times until all four motors were running. I managed to get it to hover briefly but it was drifting quite a bit and I didn’t want to crash again so I landed it quickly.

While I was looking some stuff up, I fell into another Wikipedia rabbit hole and lost another hour or so doing that. It’s very easy to get distracted…

I got notifications last night that my motor and propeller order have shipped. Now I just have to wait a bit.

Stay safe.

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