Fun With Antibiotics

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I slept about as well as usual last night. I woke up several times but fortunately none of them were for nightmares. It gets frustrating repeatedly lying there in the dark, trying to convince myself to stop worrying. On the upside, I did sleep in a little bit so that’s good.

J had today off, too, and my exercises went quite well again today. It sure makes a difference in how my day goes when not only do I put the time in, but it goes well.

J and I split up and attacked various messes in the house today. She did laundry and I worked on the kitchen. We both made enough progress that we could actually see the difference, which is always nice.

After that, I didn’t do very much again. I’m still quite uncomfortable so I didn’t go for my walk, and the antibiotics I’m taking have really upset my stomach (but in the strangest way), so I REALLY wasn’t interested in doing anything fancy.

Tomorrow morning I’m heading back to the walk-in for a followup and then I have a Dr W appointment in the afternoon. I’m not looking forward to it – I always feel… almost guilty when Dr W asks how I’m doing and I tell him I’m doing “about the same”. I wish I could look him in the eye and say “fantastic!” or “so much better than last week!” or “I took up monster truck racing!”.

I was confused about my Dr P appointment this week. I had it written down that I had an appointment, but for some reason I was certain that we had talked about it and it turned out I wouldn’t have one. I left Dr P a voicemail today and I quickly got an email back confirming my appointment on Thursday. That’s good, even though my chest is tightening up as I write this.

J and I finished the first season of Parks and Recreation this evening, and the box set is on order. It’s a quirky, enjoyable show. I’d still put Community at the top of my favourites pile, but P&R is certainly up there.

Aside from the two appointments tomorrow, I’m not sure what I’m going to do. J has the day off again (five day weekend, whoo!) so maybe we’ll watch some shows or play a game or something. Having her home for a long weekend like this has really been great. I sure do enjoy hanging out with her!

Stay safe.

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