Forgot My Pills This Evening Again

Song: “Eve Of Destruction” by The Dickies

Mood: 6.5

Nightmares: 0

Today started out pretty normal. I still woke up too many times so I’ve been tired all day, but it’s not too bad.

My exercises didn’t go very well, though, and I stopped before I got too frustrated. For some reason, every time I got up to chase a ghost today, I couldn’t relax after sitting back down. It didn’t even work if I tried to start from scratch again. It’s frustrating when that happens.

After the rain we got last night, I was expecting there to be a lot more water out on the streets than there was. From a weather standpoint, my walk this morning was quite pleasant. I did the same loop I did yesterday (but I really want to get down to the creek soon). I was hoping we were going to luck out, but with the rains we’ve had lately, the mosquitoes are starting to make an appearance. Blurgh.

The water in the fish tank has cleared up better than I’d hoped. We’re always going to have an algae problem in there, but it only took about an hour to do the scrubbing and the water change, so not too bad. It’s nice when you work on something and it pays off!

My sister called today and we had a good chat. I’ve been enjoying our weekly chats. She’s been very busy lately since her husband went on a business trip, but the kids are well-behaved and don’t go crazy when their dad is away. It also sounds like there’s some shenanigans going on with how they set up the soccer teams. It sounds like one of the teams was custom built and is now destroying all of the other teams by double digits to zero. Most of the kids are there for fun and exercise but they’re getting upset and tired of being crushed; the winning coach taking his team on a “victory lap” around the field isn’t sitting well with the other kinds (or their parents) either.

Three people (that I know about) came to the door today. The first one was delivering packages so I answered it. The second one rang the doorbell four times and hammered on the door twice. I had no idea who it was so I did my best to ignore it. A while later, I peered outside and found a water meter reading card. Then, the doorbell rang again. Since there are a couple of things from our order that hadn’t arrived earlier, I thought it was another delivery so I answered the door. Turns out it was a guy trying to drum up business for his retirement planning company. I spoke with him for a couple of minutes, took his pamphlet, and went back inside.

So yeah, lot of distractions today.

I have an alarm set on my phone to go at 8PM from Monday to Thursday. It reminds me to take my evening pills and it’s been a great help. This evening, I was looking at stuff through the microscope, when the alarm went off. I turned off the alarm and told myself I was going to get up in a minute anyway. Well, I remembered two hours later. I feel silly when I forget to take my medication. In this case, it was only a couple of hours and I have nothing going on tomorrow morning, so no problem. If I did have stuff going on, I’d be stressing out about whether I’d be able to get to sleep, and that would keep me awake longer, which would stress me out more… you get the idea. Forgetting my medication is BAD.

J had a class this evening so she didn’t get home until around 8:30PM, but we still managed to fit in an episode of Community.

There were at least another two topics I wanted to cover but I can’t remember what they were. I need to start jotting things down.

Stay safe.

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