Flu Shot Day

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Just a quick post tonight. Things have been going along alright and nothing too exciting is going on, which is good.

The weekend went well but both J and I ended it feeling a little more tired and down than when we entered it. Neither of us is entirely sure why, but it is what it is. We finally got around to starting the final season of Elementary, and so far it’s been pretty good.

I didn’t accomplish a huge amount today. It’s been taking me a little longer to get out of bed lately – I’ve been spending a lot more time just staring up at the ceiling and rubbing my face while cursing myself to get out of bed. No nightmares last night, though, which was the first night in about a week.

FA called this afternoon and we geeked out about project-y stuff. Both of us are quite susceptible to wandering off on tangents or chasing things down rabbit holes, but I think that’s part of why we are good at figuring things out. One of us has an idea and drags the other along until they say “hang on a sec”. It was an interesting conversation.

J and I went and got our flu shots today. I don’t know if I’m getting tougher with age or if the needles are getting finer and finer, but I could barely feel it when I got poked. Way better than the hollowed-out piece of bent rebar they used to give us the DT shots back in high school.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time over the last few days fiddling around with designing parts and printing them up. I won’t dare say I’m even the least bit good at it, but I do enjoy it a lot and a lot less stuff is coming off the printer and going straight into the garbage or recycling now.

No appointments this week but I think I’m going to do some more volunteering on Friday. It’s been working pretty well so far and it gets me out of the house and talking with people, so that’s good. Plus, helping someone out makes me feel good, so that’s nice too.

Other than that, not a heck of a lot is going on. I thought I had another thing I wanted to write down but I can’t remember right now.

Stay safe.

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