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So… five hundred posts. Averaging out at nearly 500 words per post, that’s about 250,000 words since I started this blog back at the end of March 2017. It doesn’t feel like it’s been 17 months. I’ve had several blogs and websites in the past, stretching all the way back to the Internet’s Dark Ages in 1996, but this is the one that I’ve actively maintained and contributed to the most – by far. Like I’ve said before, this blog does two things for me. The main reason I write is because I enjoy writing and it feels good to write down what’s going on in my head or how my day was. The other reason is that I hope someone stumbles across it and finds something helpful or encouraging somewhere. There is an awful lot of bad information and “amazing cures” out there that I want people to see that everything here is just me. No bragging, no telling anybody what they have to do… just me and what I’m experiencing and seeing.

J got back from her trip today. She had a really good time and the highway was good both ways. She’s still not as comfortable on the highway as she is in the city (I grew up in the country so I’m the opposite), but things seem to go smoother pretty much every time she does a highway trip.

It is so nice to have her home. I did alright while she was away, but I missed her company and when she’s not in the house it’s painfully obvious how much more I trust her judgment than my own.

My weekend went reasonably Well. The weather was very nice (I even enjoyed the little storms that rumbled through last night and this morning) and I had the windows open all weekend.

I worked on that cabin security thing for DA. I’ve been thinking that it had to be very sturdy and heavy, like steel tubing, but J asked whether the leftover plastic piping from the central vac would work. I initially thought no because I need conductive walls inside the tube, but all I really need to do is have a small cylindrical or square metal tube. It could probably be half and inch in diameter, a couple of inches long, and fit inside one of the leftover pieces of plastic tubing. That could make it easier to make, and with a 6 foot length of 2 inch plastic tube costing $8.50 while 6 feet of 2×2 inch square tubing with 1/8 inch walls would be $23.34, so it would cost a lot less, too.

I listened to a bunch of music this weekend, too. Blasted it over the speakers from my phone while upstairs, listened to it through headphones when downstairs. I gave a couple of those new records from J’s uncle a try, too. They are in surprisingly good shape, and even the old, well-used ones are still listenable. I’m impressed.

I brought the ear defenders upstairs and got in a couple of hours of Star Trek Online over the weekend, too. I made a Klingon captain a while ago and thought I’d play around with it and have some fun. There seem to be missions that are unique to the Klingons, and it’s interesting that you get different choices on missions that Federation or Klingons can play. There seems to be a lot more talking when you’re playing the goody-goody Federation, and a lot more kidnapping and coercing and shooting when you’re playing Klingons. I like the variety.

You can also stop by the tailor and customize your character’s looks. There are some generic standard uniforms, or you can spend tons of real-world money getting a fancy belt or sunglasses or whatever. I kind of see that as a waste (although I would REALLY like the uniforms they started wearing for The Wrath of Khan). That aside, I took a look at my character and realized he kind of blended in with all the Klingons – big growling people who wear a lot of leather and actively look for fights. You know… the bruisers. Here’s a typical Klingon from the game:

Normal KlingonBig, brutish, always means business, short temper. You NEVER EVER interrupt a Klingon when they’re playing Jenga.

So I gave a lot of thought to what I wanted my character to look like. I wanted him to have humble origins, do things the way he wants to do them, and not give a crap what other people think. He also had to wear stuff that’d breathe pretty well (or at least better than nine layers of leather) because he doesn’t like the heat. He also really likes sleeping and daytime naps, so every time there’s an emergency, he is often awakened from a deep sleep and doesn’t have time to squeeze into his corset or throw on a jacket before running to the bridge to save the galaxy (again).

Tough Life KlingonSee? A little more realistic. Command is tough on a Captain, especially when you’re dirt poor, your ship is really really crappy, your officers barely know which boot goes on which foot, and anyone on your crew could decide at any time that they want to be Captain and shoot you in the back when you’re standing at a urinal, whistling something by Hank Snow. This is the reality the Captain must face…

Five hundred posts. Hopefully someone, somewhere has stumbled across my little corner of the Internet and has found something useful. I think I’m going to keep working at it – it’s been good to write all this stuff out. If you’ve been following along with my adventures, thank you very much for your time, and I hope you weren’t too bored. If there’s something near and dear to you that you’d like me to talk about, please let me know and I’d be happy to oblige.

Anyway, that’s about it. I’m fighting to keep my eyes open right now so I should really get to bed. Have a good night/morning/day/evening wherever you are!

Stay safe.

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