Fell Asleep Typing Last Night

Song: “Here Comes The Summer” by The Undertones

Mood: 6.5

Nightmares: 0

**I started working on this post last night but after I fell asleep at the keyboard a couple of times I left it and stumbled off to bed**

This is definitely, absolutely, certainly going to be a short post. It’s late and I need to get to bed.

I woke up worrying more times than usual last night. Fortunately, with the light filtering in from the living room and J’s constant breathing, it was pretty easy to do some grounding to calm down so I could get back to sleep. No panic attacks (and none for the last little while, either) so that’s good news.

My exercises didn’t go well again this morning, with the same problem as yesterday. I eventually get tired of standing in front of the furnace and hot water tank, so I sit down and stare at them, getting up a couple of times to touch the piping and the emergency vent valve. It’s difficult to try and focus on something when you keep having to leave and go somewhere else for a little while, and as a result I didn’t really get much benefit out of my exercises at all.

I sent out a bunch more texts today. I am trying to get accustomed to the idea of not going back through my text histories every day to make sure I didn’t say something wrong or offend someone or (AAUGH) send a text to the wrong person. Checking and re-checking text conversations is taking about an hour and a half each day. I would really like to get at least some of that time back.

I had lunch outside again today. It was nice, with a low but pretty constant breeze. I sat on the deck steps and ate my lunch, then had a great idea. I went back inside and unpacked the quadcopter. Today was going to be its first REAL flight. None of those little tiny hops it’s done inside. I wanted to make it fly. I’m afraid there’s no video but I took off, made a couple of adjustments, and slowly flew it around at chest or head level. Things were going very well. Then, a gust of wind pushed the quadcopter toward the garage. I had plenty of time to react, but instead of gently caressing the controls, I gave them a bit too much input and the quadcopter fell from the sky and hit the ground on a weird angle, resulting in two broken propellers and a nut missing from the top of the motor I bought recently. I probably should’ve used more thread locker. I got out the magnetic sweeper and went over almost half the back lawn and didn’t find anything. All in all, though, I consider it a success. If I’d waited until it wasn’t breezy at all I think things would’ve gone better. So the quadcopter is back in the shop for a two-blade replacement, I need to find a nut that will fit the thread on that motor, and I need to clean dirt out of everything again. Not too bad.

I also spent some time playing with my microscope again. This time, I brought in a couple of elm tree seeds and thought I’d give it a look through the lens.

Elm SeedThis picture was taken at 40x with illumination from above (which you can probably figure out). It reminds me of those weird alien structures they saw in Aliens just before everybody started getting mangled.

Elm SeedAnd this one is from the central “pod” of the seed. It almost looks like some kind of candy or something.

Wow… my eyes are really starting to close. I apologize for all of the weird words or misspellings or whatever.

My Dr W appointment was difficult again today but he was quite pleased to hear I went to the store on Monday and wants me to keep doing it and push myself. He also wants to make sure that J and I make the time to watch movies or shows together. He said that was quite important. No medication changes this week.

Typing mostly by feel now. Can’t focus when I open my eyes.

I played some more Fortnite today. Found the fabled rocket launcher and blew myself up when I shot at someone else. Oh, well. Also found a really pleasant teenager who made fun of the rest of the team and wouldn’t stop making disgusting comments. They say the world needs all kinds…

I have an appointment with Dr P tomorrow. As usual, I am not looking forward to it – again, that has nothing to do with Dr P (he’s really quite good), it’s all because being away from home is very hard. I hope that it goes well.

Stay safe.

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