Feels Like A Down Is Coming

Song: “Little Deuce Coupe” by the Beach Boys

Mood: 6

I think I slept reasonably well last night, waking up only once from a nightmare. I hope I’m getting back to the zero-to-one nightmares per night instead of the two-to-three.

I did my exercises early in the morning again when I was still groggy and it doesn’t seem like it helps clear my head any faster. At the very least if I do them earlier then they’re done.

I’ve been feeling like I’m headed for a bit of a dip. My motivation is harder to scrape together and I’m still having trouble focusing on things. I listened to some music, played around with my electronics stuff for a bit, and did some writing.

This evening, J and I watched a few episodes of Community. Man, what a great show – especially the first couple of seasons.

It’s not supposed to be as hot out tomorrow as it was today (34C in September!) so depending on how I feel I may go outside and do some stuff. The garden is pretty much finished, the only thing left to do is take the rest of the potatoes in.

Stay safe.

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