Feeling Weird All Weekend

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The weekend didn’t start off all that well. For whatever reason, I haven’t been feeling myself for the last few days, and it seemed like I was going to be a stick in the mud all weekend. I’m not sure if I’m waking up more than I remember, or if something’s disturbing me when I sleep, but I’m exhausted all day. I ended up going for a nap this afternoon and it helped for a while but I’m dragging pretty bad again.

Fortunately, hanging out with J always cheers me up. We had a couple of really good conversations this weekend about very random things, and just talking with her or watching shows with her or having dinner with her or sitting in the same room with her makes my world brighter. So I’m feeling quite a bit better but unfortunately, I’m still really tired. I think I’m going to set my phone to record sound all night again to see if I’m moving around a lot or we have squirrels running around or something.

I didn’t accomplish a lot this weekend. Cleaned up the kitchen somewhat and then promptly dirtied it again. Sometimes I wish the whole thing and everything in it was stainless steel with a drain in the floor and a power washer on the wall. Maybe one of those big red heat lamps to dry everything, or a big fan. Just leave everything where it is, squirt some dish soap around the room, and have at it with the power washer. Ah well…

The cable company parked a van, a truck, and a lift truck out front of our house today. I thought that was kind of odd (we don’t have cable) and was surprised when the doorbell rang. J answered it and it turns out one of their underground cables is broken so they need to run a temporary above ground one and it needs to go through our back yard. Not a big deal – J took care of the gate and the cable, and they did a nice job of hiding the cable along the fence. It seems, however, that they’re going to be coming back once their plans are approved and trenching out a run for a replacement cable. I’m not sure when that’s going to happen, but I expect they won’t want to wait too long, particularly with winter coming.

I’m also not thrilled about Halloween again this year. J and I talked about it quite a bit and I expect I will be cowering in the basement while she does all the work again this year. Yep, big old Mark is still afraid of little kids in princess and ninja turtle costumes.

Tomorrow it’s back to my walk and time in the truck. The tender is still hooked up to the battery so I think I might hook my phone into the stereo and turn that up instead of listening to music or guided relaxation exercises on the tiny little speaker in my phone.

But yeah, I don’t feel right. I’m not even sure if it’s a physical or mental thing. Maybe both. Maybe neither. Hopefully it’s just something that will pass.

Stay safe.

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