Feeling Some Pressure

Song: “King Porter Stomp” by Benny Goodman

Mood: 6.5

Nightmares: 0

Ghosts: Horde

Very quick post because I need to get to bed early this evening.

I slept pretty well again last night, and got out of bed feeling a little less dumb than usual.

Went out for a walk, I had to wear pants again.

Chased lots of ghosts today for some reason. Most were coming from downstairs. Someone knocked and rang the doorbell two different times today, which didn’t help either.

I did some tidying up and spent some more time playing with that Arduino that FA gave me a while ago. Man, it’s quick to get something set up and going! I’ve been a PIC fan for over 15 years but I think I’ll be making room for both PICs and Arduinos.

I’ve been feeling a lot of pressure today for some reason. I can’t seem to get enough done or even figure out what I’m trying to do. I suspect it’s temporary.

FA is coming over tomorrow morning! I am looking forward to seeing her; it will be interesting to see what kind of capers we get up to!

Tomorrow afternoon I have an appointment with Dr W. I don’t expect anything too big to happen. At least, I hope nothing big happens.

Stay safe.

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