Feeling Pretty Wrung Out

Song: “Walter Walter (Lead Me to the Altar)” by Gracie Fields

Mood: 5

Nightmares: 0

Ghosts: Lots

Today was not a particularly great day. Part of it was because I finally got something off my plate that’s been really bothering me for a while now. That will be a good thing in the end but doing it wasn’t simple or easy. I had an appointment with Dr C this afternoon – those are always tough. The cab arrived ten minutes early so I had to rush out the door, I was out and about for twice the amount of time that I had planned, and when I finally got home there was a letter from the insurance company in the mailbox.

So today managed to push a lot of the wrong buttons.

After I got home, I should’ve gone out and cleared the driveway but instead I put on some loud music, sat on the couch (upstairs) and tried to both calm myself down and cheer myself up. Didn’t have much luck, and despite turning the music up several times, I still couldn’t keep from trying to track stuff down. The air was cold today but the sun felt quite warm, and the house was making all kinds of noises.

I was really glad when J got home. We had supper, hung out for a while, and then watched an episode of Sherlock. I still don’t know where I sit with that show. Oh, and the letter from the insurance company was a cheque for backpay, so now I feel like a dumbass for worrying about it so much.

Well, this so far is the result of 105 minutes of typing and deleting and typing and deleting. I should probably quit while I’m only somewhat behind. Tomorrow’s a new day.

Stay safe.

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