Feeling Kind Of Rough Today

Song: “Alexander’s Ragtime Band” by The Andrews Sisters

Mood: 6

Nightmares: 0

Ghosts: Lots

I was too tired to post last night – sorry about that.

Yesterday was a decent day, though. My homework didn’t go as well as it did the previous day – I was hoping to get out and driving again but it didn’t work out, which left me very disappointed. It’s a very strange and upsetting feeling to know that deep down I have the knowledge and/or skills required to do something, but for whatever reason, I just can’t do it. I have the desire to do it… I just can’t make it happen.

I spent a lot of time working with the 3D printer and PETG filament. I ran a couple of test prints that didn’t work well at all – very blobby, hairy, stringy… just awful. I did some reading and found a lot of conflicting advice so I wasn’t sure what to do. Then, I found out that the printer controller lets me tweak settings while the print is underway. I changed all kinds of stuff a bit at a time until things cleared up. I made a few things that look pretty good with the new settings:

3D Printer Post-It Note Holders

Two Post-It Note holders for J [1]

3D Printed Bowl

A neat bowl that I accidentally broke while removing it from the print bed [2]

To finish off the day, J and I watched some more Elementary and had snacks (I had fruitcake with icing on it). Speaking of which, I just heard yesterday that they’ve cancelled it so seven seasons will be all they make. It’s too bad – J and I have both been really enjoying the sixth season so far. It’s been much more engaging than seasons four and five I think.

I slept reasonably well last night but woke up six or seven times because I was worrying about something (mainly whether the front door was locked and if the garage door was closed). Having those pictures saves on my phone saves me a lot of getting up and wandering around the house in the middle of the night.

I felt awful this morning when I woke up, though. My guts hurt and my head felt like it was full of rusty old steel wool. I wasn’t in the mood to eat anything but I had some yogurt and then went over to the couch to feel sorry for myself. I sent out my texts more slowly than normal but still got them sent, then did some research into how to install the walking foot on my sewing machine. It looks both simple and needlessly complicated all at the same time. My mother-in-law says that it will make a huge difference when I go to make more towels. I’m looking forward to trying it!

Just after noon, I called the taxi company and ordered one for 15 minutes before my Dr C appointment. Unfortunately, I was feeling worse and was starting to wonder if I’d caught a stomach flu so 15 minutes later I called again and cancelled the taxi, then called and emailed Dr C to let her know I wasn’t going to make it today. I heard back from her not too long later. She was very pleasant about the whole thing and didn’t charge me a fee even though I gave her less than two hours’ notice. I was hoping to be able to wish her a safe and happy holidays in person but better to be safe and do it over the phone than barf all over her office. My next appointment is scheduled for early January, so that’s still close enough to the new year to wish someone a “happy new year” without seeming weird.

I spent a lot of time sipping flavoured water and arguing with FreeCAD. I can see that there are lots of features but everything is done so much differently than what I’m used to, I think it’s going to take a while before I can design anything practical with it. That’s too bad, because I have several projects around the house that I need to design parts for and I’d really like to get them done sooner rather than later. But – as always – I need to stick with baby steps.

Tomorrow is Friday. I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet. I’d like to set up a print and do some sewing while stuff is whirring away in the basement. I’m at a point now, though, where there are so many things I want to do with the printer that I’m starting to feel a little overwhelmed.

No Elementary this evening, but we’ll have lots of time to watch some episodes over the weekend. I’m also feeling a lot better now than I did this afternoon.

Stay safe.

[1] Model downloaded from https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:131697

[2] Model downloaded from https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2230232

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