Embarrassed In The Store Today

Song: N/A

Mood: 6

Nightmares: 0 (I think)

Really short post tonight, as I can barely focus my eyes on the screen.

Good Things

  • No nightmares last night!
  • Talked to my mom and sister today.
  • Did some texting with family and friends.
  • Got out to the strip mall and went into the grocery store!
  • Did some laundry.
  • Tried out a new game called Star Trek Online. It’s been around for a while but has since gone to a Free to Play model, so I gave it a try. Controls are pretty odd and the voice acting can be terrible but it’s not too bad.
  • Tidied up the kitchen.
  • Changed the batteries in the outdoor thermometer. The old ones were lithium and lasted for a LONG time. Hopefully the cheap alkalines I put in this time will hang on for a while.
  • Played about 45 minutes of Fortnite. Got blowed up real good.
  • Hung out with J and watched some Boston Legal.

Bad Things

  • Still didn’t sleep great.
  • More difficult than usual to get out of bed this morning.
  • Exercises did not go well.
  • I feel very tired today.
  • I picked up a ham while I was at the grocery store but when I went to pay for it I couldn’t remember my PIN#. That was pretty embarrassing. Turns out I could’ve just tapped my card and it would’ve worked but I didn’t think of that – I just wanted to get the hell out of the store and back home.
  • Spent a lot of time chasing ghosts.
  • The phone rang with lots of junk numbers today. That freaks me out – it feels like some kind of test.

I’m sure there’s more but I really need to get to bed. Wish someone you care about a good day tomorrow!

Stay safe.

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