Done With The Haloperidol!

Song: “Nature Trail to Hell” by ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic

Mood: 7.5

Nightmares: 3

I didn’t have a great sleep last night. Between that and needing to get up early for one of my appointments, I’m a little tired today. It feels like it’s 3AM. I guess it’s 3AM somewhere, so there’s always that…

My Dr H appointment went very well. She’s very happy with my blood pressure, which is a relief and makes me happy. If things keep going the way they are, I may be able to get off the BP medications, which would be great. I have to go back in a few months and get some more bloodwork done but the appointment went great.

Oh, and the truck started no problem, too. A decent way to start the day, I think!

After I got home from my appointment, I went downstairs and did my exercises. I felt like I was missing something while I was at Dr H’s office and it turned out to be the mindfulness and worry stuff that I usually do early in the day. Once I did the exercises, I felt a lot better.

I’ve been playing a lot of Crashlands and listening to Weird Al at the same time. Crashlands is a pretty amusing, low-brain-power-required kind of game, and listening to music while playing it works out well. I’m really enjoying the Weird Al music J got me for Christmas.

J got home from work early today – she had a doctor’s appointment, too – and we hung out for a little while until she drove us to my Dr W appointment.

My Dr W appointment also went very well. I’m having more problems with OCD and I think my nightmares are on an uptick (particularly in severity), but with all the stuff I’ve been doing, the anxiety and depression aren’t up where they used to be. I’m not having any trouble with voices or any hallucinations, so we decided to take me right off the haloperidol. We’d already reduced it from 3mg to 2mg and then to 1mg over the last while, and everything has gone smoothly. I’m glad to be off another medication. Only three left in the evenings: quetiapine, prasozin, and zopiclone.

This evening, J and I are probably going to watch another episode of Columbo. We’re in the early 1970s right now and in addition to the murder part being interesting, it’s really neat to see TV from that era. Booze, cigarettes, lighters, and ashtrays everywhere. Makes me wonder how civilization got through the ‘70s without everything burning down.

So yeah, I’m a little tired but things are going well. I can handle that.

Stay safe.

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