Doing Okay

I’m still in the rut I’ve been in since Monday and I’m still at a loss to really explain why this is happening other than it’s part of the process and nobody has good days every day. This morning when I got up I had breakfast, forced myself to do my exercises, and checked in on the shrimp. Poor Stanley the ghost shrimp bought the farm during the night. For a water bug, he was pretty cute with his big shiny eyes and his little wee legs waving frantically as he swam around. That didn’t help my mood much.

I played some Mass Effect, put up the Stress Box post, and spent some time out in the garage looking at the bike. Since I drained the oil and found no coolant in it, I figured I may as well change the coolant while I was at it. The good news is there was no gunk in the coolant and when I checked it with my little antifreeze tester, it said it was still good to -45C. So that was good.

I had my Dr C appointment today. I think it went quite well. Dr C mentioned that I’m acting differently during this particular down than I have in the past. I used to be really worried that I was sliding backwards and that everyone would be disappointed in me, but this time I’m just treating it like it’s just something that will come and go. I told J about that and she said she’d noticed something was different about this slump too. It helps a lot when others tell me they see a positive difference, particularly when I don’t see it myself. I’ve been trying to do everything that Dr C and Dr W have been telling me and it’s good to see it paying off even when I’m feeling down.

I called my parents this afternoon and asked if it would be okay if we did Easter dinner another weekend. They were completely fine with that and were glad that I asked instead of being down or uncomfortable when they came over. I am very lucky to have so much support from so many people!

J picked up some oil paints the other day and found some brushes on clearance so I think we’re going to plop down in front of the screen with our paints and canvases and watch another episode of The Joy of Painting some time this weekend. I’m looking forward to seeing how the oil paints differ from the acrylic paints I’ve been using so far.

This evening J and I watched Rogue One. I enjoyed it and I think J did too. There were a lot of nods to the other movies, but if I had to make one complaint it was about the animation in the Tarkin and Leia faces. They looked kind of rubbery or something. It wasn’t a huge deal, and K-2SO more than made up for it. I really enjoy watching movies and shows with J, we spend a lot of time laughing about stuff that happens and pointing out plot holes.

Other than that, not much else happened today. I think I’m going to head toward bed now and see if I can get a good sleep without any bad dreams. Tomorrow will be a better day.

Stay safe!

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