Doing Okay So Far This Week

Song: “I Think I Love You” by The Partridge Family

Mood: 7

Nightmares: 0

Ghosts: Pack

Sorry I haven’t written that much this week – J and I have been staying up too late watching TV and I just don’t have the oomph left in me to put anything together. Actually, I’m pretty much wiped out now too, so this will probably be another short post.

It’s been wonderful around here with J being around. She doesn’t even have to do anything – just be herself, and she makes everything a lot more interesting. We have done everything this weekend from watching movies to cleaning stuff up, to just sitting around and talking, to doing entirely separate things. It’s been really great.

So the front knob on my printer jammed up. I was adjusting the printer bed temeperature and it got a little stiff. A quarter-turn later and it was stuck fast. I tried everything I could think of, with no luck. Fortunately, even though I bought the printer from Amazon, it was provided by a seller in Ontario who says they’ll need a bit more information and then they’ll ship me out the replacement part. I last talked with them om Monday and haven’t heard from them since… maybe I’ll give them another call tomorrow to make sure they got my email.

The good thing is that I can still print via USB, and today I played around with my Raspberry Pi stuff and set up an Octopi server for the printer which lets me control almost everything from another computer, as well as start/pause/stop jobs, and even view a webcam feed if there’s one attached to the Pi. I’ve run two prints through it so far and it’s been working pretty solidly so far.

Ugh, I’m sorry everyone – I have hit the wall and can no longer put anything useful together. I wish you all a good night and pleasant dreams.

Stay safe.

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