Doing Appointments Over The Phone This Week

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J is working from home today, which is very nice. Her eyebrows are a lot more knotted and she’s sighing a lot more than normal, but I suppose that’s what happens with work…

FA didn’t make it over yesterday but that’s okay – with some of the stuff going on I didn’t get as far in some of the projects that I’d hoped.

I spoke with my sister and my folks over the last couple of days. They’re all doing well and are eager to get back out and do some wandering.

I had three appointments this week: a Dr W appointment on Wednesday, a massage appointment Thursday, and a Dr C appointment on Friday. I called Dr W’s office the other day and found out that he just got back from a travelling holiday and is now quarantined. He’s not sick or anything, it’s just the standard precaution nowadays. He called yesterday and we spoke briefly – he’s going to call this afternoon at my usual appointment time and we’re going to the appointment over the phone.

Same thing with Dr C – I called her on Monday and it turns out her office is trying to do what they can over the phone. They’re in the process of setting up some kind of video link, too, but I’m perfectly happy with a phone call. That way I don’t need to put on pants or comb my hair.

Both Dr C and Dr W emphasized strongly that if I’m having trouble that I can call them and get in for help, which I appreciate. I’m doing pretty well right now, but if things change it’s good to know there’s still an option.

I was going to go to my massage appointment tomorrow (my back and knee are bugging me) but changed my mind this morning so I called and cancelled it. Once things are figured out I’ll go back.

Got a call from the liver specialist that Dr H referred me to… he asked where I was at and how I was feeling. I told him that I’m feeling fine and he said that he recommended that I wait until things have calmed down before I go into the hospital for a non-essential visit. I agreed wholeheartedly and he’s going to call back in a while – anywhere from a couple of weeks to some months, depending on what happens. He also told me that if things change at all, go to Dr H or one of the Urgent Care facilities, which makes sense.

So yeah… lots of changing plans this week. I’ve been avoiding a lot of the news (there’s nothing new and helpful there anyway), and keeping my mind and fingers busy at home. I’ve got a couple of projects I’m working on, and now that I fixed the printer, I’m going to start in on that again too.

With all the stuff going on, it’s normal to feel upset, anxious, angry, scared, or even experience emotions or combinations of emotions that you’re not familiar with. If you are having trouble dealing with the world, please remember that there are people who care about you and want you to feel better. Talk to someone – don’t grind your teeth to stumps or lie there in the dark with your stomach churning, heart pounding, and every muscle tense. Talk to a therapist or counsellor, your doctor, or call your local/regional crisis line or go to your closest emergency room. There is some information on the resources[] page that may be useful. Even if you’re feeling fine, keep in touch with your family and friends and keep an eye out for each other!

Stay safe.

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