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Short post today, I’m beat.

Yesterday was a pretty great day. FA was over for close to 11 hours, which may very well be our biggest geek-out session of all time. We got all kinds of stuff done and talked about pretty much everything. We also got out to the hardware store, had a delightful burrito lunch, and after J got home the three of us had a great chat, too!

Dr H called yesterday morning about the ultrasound I had on Monday. When I saw the clinic’s number on the display I felt a pang of worry, but it was okay. Long story short, I’m not dying but I am going to get to meet yet another specialist – this time a liver specialist. Dr H also wanted me to get more blood tests done and for me to come in again soon to talk about this stuff, which I’m perfectly happy to do. The sooner it’s fixed and over with, the happier I’ll be.

I had a lot of trouble falling asleep last night. I tried everything – muscle relaxation, breathing, getting up and going back to bed – but it was after 5AM when I finally fell asleep. As a result, I didn’t really accomplish anything today (although I did stare at stuff a lot), and I spent a lot of the day in a fog.

When J got home, she took me to the shiny new lab near home to get those blood tests that Dr H wanted done. I think I’m going to make a giant copy of a blank test requisition form and put it on the wall and play blood test bingo. Some of them are going to be tougher to get (like BHCG), but who knows…

This evening has been pretty quiet. I kind of half zonked out on the couch for a while after supper and then J and I spent some time chatting. Hopefully tonight I will be able to get to sleep at a reasonable hour.

No appointments tomorrow, so I hope to work on some electronic-y project stuff. We’ll see what happens.

Stay safe.

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