Day Went Okay

Song: N/A

Mood: 6

Nightmares: 0

Like I said in my earlier post from today, I didn’t get any sleep last night. My reaction to leaving the house yesterday really bothered me and I’m very worried that things are slipping. Lots of catastrophizing. Instead of staying in bed all night with my eyes open, I got up and tried to distract myself.

I decided that I was not going to try to take a nap because I didn’t want to change my sleep schedule if I could help it. Turns out I probably wouldn’t have been able to sleep anyway. I also decided against calling Dr W, but if things go poorly this weekend I will call on Monday morning to see if I could get in before my next appointment.

I spent some time trying to do my mindfulness and worry exercises but I couldn’t concentrate. I then spent some time watching YouTube videos and went downstairs to watch Star Trek II. Great movie.

J was worried about me and texted me once in a while to see how I was doing.

I didn’t go outside today but I may try tomorrow. I need to stop by the pharmacy.

This evening I’m just taking it easy until it’s time to go to bed. I hope that I sleep better tonight.

Stay safe.

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