Song: “Banana Splits” by The Dickies

Mood: 6.5

Nightmares: 1

Ghosts: Pack

So… it’s 11:30PM and I just remembered to take my nighttime medication. Looks like I’ll be up for a while. Blargh.

Aside from a single nightmare last night (life jackets) and waking up three or four times worrying about the fridge being open and whether the garage door was closed, I didn’t sleep too badly. It took me a while to get going this morning but that’s pretty normal, unfortunately.

I worked on quite a few things today. I redesigned a bathroom accessory that J’s aunt asked if I could make for her and did a test print; it turned out much better than yesterday’s attempt. Still needs a bit of work but that’s okay. I also did some writing and worked on that project of FA’s.

I’m not sure what was different today but I didn’t have as many problems with ghosts as I do some days. I kept music playing but today I wore headphones instead of playing it over the speakers. The headphones have a switch that turns up the volume and puts in some white noise, so it covers up some sounds. I’ve wondered about getting a pair of fancy noise-cancelling headphones, but they’re pretty expensive and I don’t know if I want to drop that much money on something I can’t try first.

J got home early today so we could go to the medical lab and get some routine bloodwork done together. It was like a date, just with a few more people in white coats than the last time. We got there at the perfect time – the lab was almost empty – and we were in and out in about 15 minutes. While J was on her way home to pick me up, I went outside and puttered around in the garage for a bit. I need to put some paper or cardboard under the truck, though, because I’m worried that it may still be leaking coolant.

Speaking of the truck, I got a recall notice in the mail today. It had this picture in it:

Airbag Recall ImageSeems my friend has one of those airbags that will fire shrapnel into my face and potentially kill me should I get into an accident. Fortunately, I’m not doing a lot of driving nowadays, so it shouldn’t be a problem. I’ll give the dealership a call and see how much of a backlog they’ve got.

This evening was pretty quiet. J worked on her class assignments and I played some STO. We watched an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine this evening, it was pretty good. Oh, and I did some troubleshooting on that dishwasher leak and I think I know where it’s coming from. I will see if I can replicate my findings tomorrow and if it’s what I think it is, it should be pretty easy to fix.

Tomorrow will hopefully be similar to today. I don’t have any appointments scheduled, so I’d like to make some more progress on things. You know that feeling you get when it’s near the end of the day and you can look back and you’re satisfied with what you’ve accomplished? That’s what I’m hoping to feel tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Now, I’ve just got to keep myself occupied until everything kicks in and I’m ready to go to sleep…

Stay safe.

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