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Just a quick post today – I got distracted by some stuff and it’s pretty late.

I think I slept a little better last night. One nightmare (tent) that I remember, and I only foggily remember worrying about the front door twice. I didn’t need to get out of bed for any of them, which is great.

I got a few things done today. I cleaned up the tub parts (PETG always seems a little ‘hairy’). The re-print that I started last night finished, but when I went to check it, it didn’t come out quite right, either. My mother-in-law stopped by on her way home today to pick up the parts and she seemed to be okay with using it – I plan to print it again and she’ll be back in town in a month or so. I think when I put the glue on the bed I missed a few spots so the layers bubbled up, leaving what looks like dents in an otherwise flat surface. They were too deep to sand out, and dammit – I stand by my work.

I did some more sewing today, too. That reminds me, I need to add sewing and a few other things to my stress box.

I made some more progress on the thing FA and I are playing around with. Things were going pretty well until the uSD card in the Raspberry Pi up and died. That’ll teach me for using a no-name card that’s been used and abused for years in a new setup. Shouldn’t take too long to get back to where I was, though.

Our Dirt Devil upright vacuum has around three nautical miles of cord and we’ve just been velcroing it into a bundle when it’s not being used. My plan today was to design two clips that we could wrap the cord around, which would make using and putting away the vacuum easier. Unfortunately, only when I was far too close to being done did I discover that I had used the wrong measurement in the very first step, and resizing it was out of the question. So… that was a bit of a wash. But I’m getting better with Fusion 360, so there’s that…

I had quite a bit of trouble with ghosts today. It’s embarrassing to be inside your home and nervous about things like the odd creak or ticking sound. They’re all normal – I just wish that I could believe that at the time. The siding in particular was quite active today, I could hear it crawling around on the house. On the upside, the reason it was crawling around on the house was because of this:

+1C today!That’s right – it may have actually been above freezing today! Could it be that spring is almost here?

Played some more Star Trek Online this evening. My current favourite character is a Romulan that I set up a while ago (Doctor Teeth), and the ship (the Electric Mayhem) is pretty swell except it’s so flimsy that if it’s Taco Tuesday on board and one of my crew overdoes it and farts, it blows out a bulkhead and the ship explodes. Anyway, I decided to build a ship that’s possibly the most useless in the game and have fun with it. I took out all the fancy beam weapons and loaded it up with torpedoes. I got a new torpedo the other day and it fires this giant angry red blob that explodes like crazy when (if) it hits a target. Some people don’t like being on a team with me because my ship shoots things that potential targets can outrun, but it’s pretty amusing when I get my timing right and land a long line of different torpedoes on a target.

J and I watched another iZombie. I’ve got to say that both Liv and Major are pretty terrible people, and I can say this because I’ve been married for… uh… a non-trivial number of years. The two of them either need to talk to each other or stop talking to each other – there are so many mixed signals going on between them that they’re going to need a referee or their own telephone exchange. You’re a zombie hunter, your ex-fiancee is a zombie. Either dispatch her with all haste or don’t – just stop laying on your bed while listening to sad music. But I quite enjoy the show.

Okay, now I’m up way later than I’d planned to be so I need to end this here. Have a good night.

Stay safe.

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