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I had a good time on Friday with FA. We had a delectable burrito lunch, talked about all kinds of stuff again, and went to the hardware store to do an aisle crawl for the first time in quite a while. I had a lot of fun and the time went by far too quickly.

The weekend was pretty good. J and I did some figuring for some of the junk in the house and we came up with a multi-step list of potential ideas for us to maybe try if we were feeling like it. We have too much stuff cluttered around the house; some of it needs to be thrown out and some of it needs to be sorted and put away. Baby steps, though – both of us can get overwhelmed if we try to do everything at once.

My sister called the other day and it looks like she and her family are going to make the trip out this way over the holidays! They’re going to stay at my folks’ place for most of their visit but will stay with us for a few days before they fly home! This is great news – we haven’t seen my nephews in a couple of years, and it’ll be fantastic to hang out with my sister and do stupid things with my brother-in-law. I do feel guilty about things, though – the reason they’re splitting up their holiday like that is because I still can’t get out to visit my parents or in-laws. Plus, my sister and her family moved to a new city about five years ago and we still haven’t been out to visit them, either. But… I’m not the one who suggested they spend time in two different places, so hopefully it’s not too much of a problem for anyone.

No nightmares for the last couple of days, which has been great, and I’m getting better at going to bed instead of falling asleep on the couch. Last night I fell asleep on the couch, but yeah… I’m getting better about it.

Today I did some more writing, designed and printed up some new stuff, and spent hours cleaning out and organizing the stuff that was in the top part of a desk in the dining room. It’s an old desk that was part of a set of bedroom furniture my parents bought me when I was… seven? Eight? Desk, chair, and captain’s bed. The desk is all that’s left now, and it’s still getting a lot of use. Unfortunately, part of that use was as a convenient place to stuff things when people came over, and it was at the point where the door wouldn’t close all the way. I still can’t believe how much stuff was packed into there.

After getting everything out and using WAY too much Orange Pledge to wipe the surface down, I’ve been going through all the papers and bills and envelopes and bits of scrap with writing on them, trying to figure out what needs to be kept, what needs to be thrown out, and what needs to be shredded. I’m on pass 3 now and the pile is much smaller than it was. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get it done and then move onto the top drawer in the desk and see how awful it is in there…

Either our DVD player, cables, surround system, or Elementary DVD is messed up, so until we fix the problem J and I need to watch something else so we’re giving GLOW a try. So far, it has been waaaay different than we expected but still pretty good. They do a pretty good job of giving the show a sleazy, coked-out, low-budget mid-80s feeling. We’re only a couple of episodes in but I think we’ve agreed to keep going.

Tomorrow I have nothing scheduled except that I want to go through more stuff and hopefully find more junk to throw out or tidy up. I think there’s plenty more to go through in that desk.

Stay safe.

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