Chasing Lots Of Ghosts Today

Song: “Flowers On The Wall” by The Statler Brothers

Mood: 6

Nightmares: 2

Just a real quick post tonight. The day went alright but I didn’t sleep great again last night and I’m pretty tired.

Had a good conversation with my mom today. It sounds like my folks have been keeping pretty busy lately.

Sent out my texts and had a couple of conversations.

Did a lot of figuring about the security stuff for DA. Made quite a bit of progress. I have a plan for something that just needs a couple of electronic components; unfortunately, they are not among the several zillion that I already have. No problem – the prototype will just use more power. It’s been good to work on this stuff.

Not sure if it’s because I’m tired or because I’ve had a lot on my mind lately, but I spent a lot of time today wandering around the house, chasing things down. Nothing in particular was haunting me, I just had a lot of trouble ignoring all of the unimportant things. It was really nice out so I had the windows open so that probably didn’t help things.

J is heading out of town tomorrow to help her mom with some charity event this weekend. I will miss her tremendously but she’ll only be a couple of hours away and we will keep in touch by text and video chat. I hope she has a good time and the event doesn’t take up the whole day so she can have a great time chatting with her folks and catching up on the family gossip. I have no firm plans for the weekend yet but I think I’m going to try cobbling together that thing for DA to see if it’s worth pursuing.

Lots more to write about but it’s really time for bed.

Stay safe.

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