Busy Week

Song: “Heart of Glass” by Blondie

Mood: 7

Nightmares: 2?

Ghosts: Pack

The last few nights haven’t gone quite as well as I’d hoped. I’m still enjoying being able to do so much more later in the evenings (it’s amazing the difference that an hour or two makes), and I’m not having too much trouble getting to sleep. Nightmares have been a problem again, though. I remember two for sure last night, one that had me sitting on the edge of the bed trying to remember where I was and that things were okay, and one that got me out into the living room all sweaty and on the verge of panic.

I’m still waking up a few times each night, concerned about what’s locked or closed or turned off or otherwise okay… but I think that when I’m actually sleeping, I’m sleeping pretty well. My CPAP machine has my numbers from a low to to a low three, which is great.

This week is pretty busy. I had a follow-up appointment yesterday for my kidney stuff, and got a lot of information, most of which is really good. The little blob that they saw in my kidney back in 2012 is definitely not a tumour, which is the whole reason I’ve been going to this particular doctor. The last scan found a couple of other things that my GP may want to investigate but for the most part they’re “don’t worry about it unless it bothers you” things. No further follow-ups have been scheduled, so after almost eight years, I’m finally done worrying about kidney stuff, woohoo!

Tomorrow I have appointments with both Dr C and Dr W, neither of which I’m really looking forward to. I’m not really in the mood to talk about how I’m doing or what’s on my mind. It needs to be done, though, and I think Dr W and I are going to lower my venlafaxine this time, which will be good.

Friday I think I’m going to volunteer at the church for a little while. I haven’t been there for several weeks now and getting back to it will get me out of the house for something other than an appointment and it’ll get me talking to people outside my normal circle, too.

I’ve been spending a lot of time working on electronics stuff. Mostly figuring out how to do various things with an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi, but today I spent close to four hours soldering stuff. I’ve mentioned this a couple of times before, but over the years I’ve collected a lot of electronic components and modules, so I decided I’d head down to my workbench, take (most of) the parts out of their bags or bins, and solder the pins on them so they’re usable. Some years ago it would’ve taken me half the time but with my tingly fingers and shaky hands I wasn’t quite as quick with the soldering iron as I used to be. It’s done, though, so no big deal.

Up until today the weather around here has been well above normal. Today it’s about -15C so it’s closer to where it should be, but I really haven’t minded the warmer weather. I used to be a big fan of winter, but ever since I got a motorcycle I’ve been a summer guy. Plus, winter weather is tough on everything, and the salt they put down to help clear the roads is brutal on vehicles. But… I was talking to my mom yesterday and both of us are already noticing that the days are getting longer, so we’re definitely crawling our way out of winter and into spring!

Stay safe.

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