Busy Day Tomorrow

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I can only remember having one nightmare last night. That’s an improvement. Other than waking up that one time I think I slept pretty well. I’m still sleeping in more than I should but it’s still quite difficult to get out of bed and face the day.

I listened to a lot of music and played a lot of Borderlands today, and managed to limit the amount of time I spent worrying about work and all the other stuff. I’m kicking myself for not doing time on the treadmill and with the weights over the last while but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to get moving.

Speaking of tomorrow, I’ve got both my Dr P and Dr W appointments in the afternoon. I have some questions for both of them on how to blunt the downs that I experience. I know that recovery isn’t a straight line but the downs I experience are pretty rough. I don’t want to have to worry that I may end up in the hospital again every time I feel things starting to slide.

The days are getting cooler so I need to start thinking about when I’m going to put the motorcycle away for the winter. I doubt I’ll be riding when it gets much cooler (my record is riding at -17C) but I feel terrible that I didn’t spend very much time on the bike this year. I suppose it’s better than last year (I didn’t ride at all) but it’s something I really enjoy and it makes me sad that the riding season is almost done and I haven’t really gone anywhere.

I guess I could say the same thing about all of my hobbies. Dr C told me to force myself to sit down and spend time with my hobbies and I’d enjoy them again, and she was right. The only problem is that it takes an awful lot of effort to sit down and start playing with things again.

Stay safe.

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