Song: “Fortune Teller” by Bobby Curtola (and JEEBUS it’s annoying)

Mood: 7

Nightmares: 0

Ghosts: Several

Today has been a pretty good day. I didn’t sleep too badly last night (no nightmares, whoo!), and only woke up four or five times because I was worrying about stuff.

Today I woke up and got out of bed as quietly as I could to try and not disturb J, then fed and said hi to Lloyd, and got myself some breakfast. I’m still doing the egg thing in the morning and while I’m not sure if it’s helping me psychologically, I like eggs and I don’t start to feel weird and shaky until later in the day (I don’t really get hungry anymore so I either eat by the clock, with J, or when my body starts to feel like it’s full of fat and very confused honeybees). I’m also not interested in doing any kind of weird diet (remind me to tell you someday about the diagnostic diets one of my doctors put me on), but having an egg or two in the morning means I’m eating less stuff that’s packed with sugar. Sorry Raisin Bran – I love you dearly – but I can see the sugar clinging to your raisins. I’ll keep eating you every day, just maybe in smaller portions.

J’s mom came over today for a quick visit. She’s in town for some kind of family gathering and it was great to see her. She brought over a couple of parts from their whirlpool tub and asked if I could make a set of parts that they could use to plug the intakes and outlets. They only turn on the jets a couple of times a year, and when they’re not using it, they’re not too keen about water stagnating inside the plumbing and then coming out when they take a bath or shower. I gave no guarantees but I’m happy to give it a shot. I tried to not be too rude but I started working on it while she was still here in case I had any questions about how things fit. The three of us still had a pretty good conversation though!

Jet Teb Replacement Parts

Not too bad for a first try. Now let’s hope it fits…

Oh, and just to clarify – the word “Apocalypseapalooza” doesn’t have anything to do with my mother-in-law visiting. Just wanted to clear that up.

J and I have been trying out different stuff on Netflix lately and it seems that we have been watching a lot of end-of-the-world stuff. Bird Box the other week, then The World’s End the other day, A Quiet Place yesterday, and How It Ends this evening. Three VERY different movies. My opinions of them have been changing from day to day. I didn’t care for The World’s End when I first saw it, but it’s starting to grow on me and I might have to give it another watch. J and I have both been enjoying having a metric digital buttload (it’s the official SI unit) of shows available to watch. J’s been watching a lot of organizing stuff, and I’ve been checking out the sci-fi shows and movies.

Well, I just got my last batch of parts for my in-laws’ whirlpool tub and one of them definitely isn’t going to work. I should get going and see if I can figure out where I went wrong before I fall asleep in my chair.

Stay safe.

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