Anxious Again Today

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I slept reasonably well again last night. For the last while I haven’t been able to get back to sleep when J goes to work in the morning, but the sleep I’m getting is decent.

My exercises were tough to focus on again today. I’ve got a little knot building in my stomach and I don’t know why, so that keep distracting me.

I went outside and did my time out there. As usual, I didn’t enjoy it although it was quite a bit warmer today (but quite blustery). It doesn’t feel like it’s getting any easier, although something I realized over the weekend is that my anxiety is reduced quite a bit when I know that J is in the house.

ERP went okay today, too. Still having problems with the garage door but the downstairs freezer is going well. Since the freezer is going well I might switch to a different trigger but I have an appointment with Dr P in two days so I don’t know if I should just wait.

I worked on the quadcopter again today and made a lot of progress. I changed the transmitter settings and – with bated breath – got all four motors to rotate at the same speed. I tried the controls quite a few times and then decided I would put on the propellers and see what happened. Well, here’s what I saw:

A little hop into the air and then down. Success! I tried a couple more times and saw that the gyrocopter kept moving along the floor when it should’ve been going straight up, so I decided to play with the trim settings on the controller. By then the battery had died so while it was charging I had supper.

Once supper was over I turned everything back on, armed the motors, and was very carefully tapping the trim buttons and making adjustments very slowly. It started to drift the opposite way, then went faster. I thought I could use the stick to control it but when I moved it, the quadcopter jumped in the air and started moving very quickly. I fumbled with the controls as it flew towards the large ZZ plant pot in the living room and watched helplessly as it sawed clean through one of the ZZ plant’s stalks before falling sideways into the dirt at the bottom of the pot and spraying soil and shredded ZZ leaves all over the living and dining rooms. Quite the show.

So, the good news is that it flies. It definitely flies. I think that I probably should’ve tried it outside where there’s no furniture or plants to wreck. The crash broke two of the propellers but fortunately it came with an extra set (and I can buy more online). But it works! I think I will look at some of the settings tomorrow and see if I can make the controls a little less touchy.

Other than making a mess, things went pretty well. The day just flew by – this quadcopter stuff has been really interesting!

Stay safe.

2 Thoughts on “Anxious Again Today

  1. Hey, great to hear you got the thing off the ground! Beat me on that one!
    I think I remember reading somewhere that it may be set to some sort of more responsive racing setting by default and that there were two other settings. I am sure you will find them.
    I got it from, but they take a long time to deliver, so if you order new props from them you might not want to wait until these ones are all done.

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