Anxiety And Excitement At The Same Time

We are getting a dog! The shelter called yesterday and all of our references checked out (thank you all so much!) so we officially got approval and the pup we really wanted (and went to meet) is ours!

We were supposed to pick him up in a week or so but we got a phone call last night and were stunned when we found out we could pick him up on Sunday. That cut a week of preparation out of our schedule but we were fortunately mostly prepared anyway.

So we spent the morning and early afternoon getting ready and shopping for dog stuff, and then met FA, DM, and two more people (one of whom is that trainer I’ve been working with) at a dog park with DM & FA’s dog, and we spent the next two hours just walking and talking around the park while the dog had a grand old time. I had a grand time too – it was interesting and informative and fun to talk with everyone, and we had quite possibly the best dog park weather that one could ask for.

This evening, J and I were rushing to get stuff figured out, put together, and washed as necessary, and we are both pretty confident that we are ready. There are parts of the house that are disaster areas but they’ll be behind gates and/or closed doors.

FA and their dog came by on Friday to hang out, have lunch, and shoot the breeze whilst checking out our dogproofing. Things went very well and FA gave us some really good hints (thank you both!!!).

So yeah, I’m really excited for tomorrow but also pretty nervous. My stomach’s been all knotted up this last week or so, and I haven’t slept well at all. I still can’t figure out how the excitement and nerves can both show up at the same time like that.

Stay safe.

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