Another Weekend Over

I accomplished very little this weekend and am still exhausted. I did get outside today and helped J with the garden – while I was asleep she took the truck to the store and picked up a whole bunch of dirt. It was really good of her to do that since I certainly wasn’t up to it.

I think I feel a little better than I did a few days ago. My skin isn’t as crawly as it was and I’m not sweating quite as much, but I still don’t feel good. I hope that my appointment with Dr W this week will have a way forward.

Tomorrow if I can get out of bed I’m going to put the plants in the garden, although I may wait until J gets home so we can do it together. I’m looking forward to having a little garden, I’m not much of a vegetable person but J is and I think a garden will be a good hobby and a good way to pass the time this summer.

It’s really quite early but all I can think of is going to bed so I’m going to head that way shortly.

Stay safe!

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