Another Strange One

No nightmares last night, but another strange dream. J and I were on a cruise on this enormous, beautiful cruise ship. That was kind of weird because neither of us have expressed any interest in going on a trip with a cruise line, but we had a nice big cabin with a balcony and there was a bowling alley (which again didn’t make a lot of sense to me, what with the ship slowly rolling a bit in the water) and a huge buffet that included food that I recognized and liked. There was an old-style arcade with a whole bunch of old games I really liked that didn’t take any quarters or tokens to play, and a big clear dome at the bottom of this ship that you could go down into and watch the fish and dolphins and whales. All the time, we only saw a couple of crew members and no other passengers, which was really great.

We were both amazed and were excited to visit more parts of the ship the next day (we’d only scratched the surface) but it was late so we returned to our cabin and started to get ready to go to sleep. That’s when we discovered that I’d forgotten my CPAP machine at home.

J was NOT impressed. She called the captain and he came down in his fancy white uniform and white cap and told us there were no CPAP machines available on the ship. J then said that I was a very noisy snorer (which has actually been proven) and demanded that I get moved to another cabin.

Captain said there weren’t any free cabins. J asked if I could sleep in one of the lounges or in the aviary. No luck.

Their solution? Stuffing me in a Kisbee ring and towing me behind the ship for the night. It was a lot more comfortable than I imagined that I’d imagine it would be. The water was warm and dolphins kept coming up to me and saying hello. Or trying to figure out if I was food. I’m not sure. Either way, it was pretty comfortable. But weird.

Stay safe.

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