Another Step, Some More Homework

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The last couple of days have been pretty good. It’s been a lot cooler out, anywhere around 12-15C out with a breeze and overcast. That’s pretty much my ideal “summer” weather, and I took advantage of it, spending a couple of hours outside on Monday doing yard work and playing around with our new leaf blower/sucker. It worked pretty well, but after an hour or two, it felt like it was getting heavier and heavier. Our garden is just about finished for the year, but the sunflowers are starting to bloom! They’re really small but they still look pretty happy:

SunflowerWe had some rain Monday night and some water got into the basement. Not a lot, just a little puddle at the edge of one of the walls, but it kind of freaked me out. Thoughts of sewer backups and clogged weeping tile drains had me tiptoeing around with a flashlight and tools while J slept, until I was finally satisfied we weren’t going to wake up to a poonami or turdalanche in the basement in the morning. Turns out the problem was that the tubing got disconnected from the downspout and rain was being poured right against the foundation. So, a bit alarming but an obvious cause and easy solution.

My nephew got his first phone last week and I got the go-ahead from my sister to start sending him texts. It’s been pretty fun chatting with him sending him silly animal videos, and I am really enjoying being able to keep in touch with him. Since travelling to go visit him isn’t really possible for me right now, at least I’ll be able to text with him regularly and say hi.

Dr C and I have been working on the getting out of the house and driving stuff for quite a while now. Back in May I drove to my first Dr H appointment ever, and just last week I drove to my first Dr C appointment in a year and a half, both of which were difficult and awesome at the same time. Another piece of homework Dr C had given me was to go and pick up some groceries (other than walking to the store down the street). Well, Monday night I put in a grocery order online, and yesterday afternoon I got in the truck and went and picked it up:

Picking up groceries!Everything was going alright, except when a couple of fire trucks and an ambulance went wailing by, which always gets me a little antsy. Then, when I was on my way home, someone decided they REALLY wanted to turn left so they turned into oncoming traffic, straight at me. Did this kind of stuff happen all the time when I was driving regularly and I was just used to it, or am I a magnet for weird stuff now?

Anyway, I got home safe (and mostly sound) and made some improvised faux-pulled BBQ chicken sandwiches for supper. In addition to feeling pretty good about getting out and getting the groceries, it was really good to be able to surprise J and take a bit off her workload by doing the groceries, and I have enough stuff to have supper ready when she gets home from work for the rest of the week!

This afternoon I have a Dr W appointment. J’s got a lot of stuff going on at work and despite my recent successes I don’t think I can drive myself there, so J’s aunt has volunteered to drive me around. It’s really nice of her to offer to do that again, and aside from the fact that I’m going to see my psychiatrist, I’m quite looking forward to the car ride and talking with her. She’s an interesting and very nice person.

At this point it looks like FA will be coming over again on Friday! We’re going to eat delicious, wonderful burritos, and work on her project again some more. I’m really looking forward to it – I always have such a good time hanging out with her!

Stay safe.

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