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Song: “At The Hop” by Richard Maltby And His Orchestra

Mood: 6

Nightmares: 0

Really short post tonight. You know what that means? Bullet points!

  • No nightmares last night, which was very nice
  • Had appointment with Dr C this morning. I took some PRNs before I left (I took a cab to and from my appointment) and it made the appointment a little easier. Great news is that Dr C agrees with me that I can go back to doing my exercises in the morning because they’re not controlling me or feeding my OCD. My next assignment is to write down all of the things I need to work on and sort them by difficulty/severity/how much they impact things. Dr C was also interested in how I was pleased when Dr H said I wasn’t anywhere near a point of concern on the blood sugar scale. Saw Dr P in the hall on the way out, waved and said hi.
  • Tired again today.
  • Worked on the thing for DA, and made the mistake of giving it some more thought than I should’ve. Almost put the stuff aside and started working on something else. No! Bad Mark! Finish one project at a time!
  • Got an email from DA this evening about cabin security stuff. Took me a very long time to craft a reply.
  • FA sent me a link to an article about dogs in wheelchairs outside playing. For some reason it really resounds with me. I wish I worked in a place that made wheelchairs for dogs. They look so happy!
  • J is going to an art show by herself tomorrow evening. I feel awfully guilty that I can’t go with her (she hasn’t said anything to make me feel bad, I just feel really guilty).
  • No appointments tomorrow. I need to accomplish something.

And now I’m heading to bed.

Stay safe.

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