And Sunday Comes To A Close

Song: “Octopus’s Garden” by the Beatles

Mood: 7

The weekend is almost over and it has gone by better than I’d hoped. I’ve spent more time by myself than I have since getting out of the hospital, and, although I miss J a lot, I’m doing okay.

I also went out twice. The first time was yesterday evening when I went to pick up some groceries; the second time was this afternoon when I went out for a drive to see if I could push any of my limits. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to but it was still good to get out for a bit instead of sitting in front of the TV.

I spent a lot of time doing my exercises and meditating. I had some trouble clearing my head today but eventually managed to calm it down enough.

I did a fair amount of writing, too. I’ve got two stories in the works right now and I’m having trouble concentrating on them enough to stick with working on one but I’m making progress.

Season three of Battlestar Galactica was my video of choice this weekend. I burned through most of the season but I think I fell asleep through part of it. (A trial? Seriously? Everybody on the ship carries a gun and hates him – why didn’t someone just shoot him and be done with it?)

I also had a good chat with my folks both yesterday and today which was great.

I spoke with WG this afternoon and we’re on for tomorrow morning. We’re going to go record shopping and then we’re going to have lunch. I’m really looking forward to it.

What I’m looking to the most, though, is J getting home safe and sound. I will probably be out with WG when she gets home but it will be so nice to see her again. She hasn’t been gone for long and she’s not very far away but I sure do miss her.

Stay safe!

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