And… Still Tired

I spent a lot of today in bed. Mostly it was because I was tired but for a while I was feeling kind of down, too. I’m not entirely sure why but fortunately it seems to have passed.

I did a lot of thinking when I wasn’t sleeping. Thinking about how long I’ve been away from work, wondering how long it’s going to take until I can reliably work again, how long I’m going to have to worry about little things sending me back to the psych ward… stuff like that. J says that she thinks that I’ve got another layer of strength since I last got out of the hospital. I don’t feel like it but it would be really nice if it were true.

I texted FA today and said that I was too tired to get together tomorrow. She texted back that it was okay but I feel pretty bad for doing that. She’s a really good friend and I enjoy hanging out with her. Hopefully she understands and we can get together again soon.

J has had a lot of stuff going on lately. She’s been doing a lot of things at work, taking distance classes, went to an interview for a volunteer position, and found time to fire off a resume. Now that she’s taken her final exam and things have quieted down at work, we celebrated with a pizza night. I’ll use any excuse for a pizza night but the truth is I’m very proud of her and all the work she does.

Spring is here – of that, there can be no doubt. It got up to around 26C today and it’s supposed to make it into the low 30s over the next few days. I’m not a big fan of the heat but I really like the smells and sounds of spring. Fresh cut grass, the sound of birds singing… I like spring.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do tomorrow. Probably spend most of it in bed again. I’m going to make a goal of finishing up the motorcycle. Depending on what it’s like and how I feel, I may even fire it up and take it for a ride. It’d be nice to be back on the bike again.

Stay safe!

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