And Onto The Weekend

Song: “Hot Stuff” by Donna Summer

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The biggest news from here is that I was outside yesterday… in shorts! Yes, it was finally warm enough to go out and enjoy some fresh air in comfort. The snow is melting pretty quickly, and I can finally see some lawn, too! Sure, it’s all brown and dead but it’s still lawn!

J is working from home for the near future now, too. I’m very glad about that for a couple of reasons: one, her co-workers are the kind of people who pick up on every ridiculous rumour and conspiracy and feed on each others’ ideas and try to rope other people into that same kind of thinking, while not washing their hands and standing in each others’ cubicles to talk about said rumours and conspiracies. Two, I’d prefer it if J wasn’t around a bunch of people who don’t wash their hands, don’t wipe stuff down, and don’t think any of the current directives actually apply to them because they’re the smartest people they know. And three (and this is the best one) – things are so much better with J around. Even though she’s in her office and is actually working a full day, it’s just great that she’s home!

There are lots of stories about medical professionals and facilities running out of particular kinds of protective equipment like masks, gowns, that sort of thing. Quite a few groups have popped up that aim to match people or businesses who can help produce some of this equipment with places that really need it. I’ve printed up a face shield design and with a few tweaks I think I’ll be able to easily print them and they’ll be pretty sturdy. I don’t know what the need around here is yet (fortunately we haven’t been hit too hard by COVID-19 yet) but I think I’ll do up a dozen or so of them and if they’re needed I’ll give them away and start in on a new batch.

J and I finally watched Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home over the last couple of days. Both were excellent, and I finally don’t have to worry about running into spoilers about either of them anymore. I’m a big fan of the Marvel movies and I hope that they somehow manage to keep the momentum going even after the big changes of Endgame.

I just took a look at the thermometer and it looks like it’s going to be another nice day out… might have to spend some time outside!

Stay safe.

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