And On To The Weekend…

Song: “Love Shack” by the B-52s

Mood: 7

I didn’t get the greatest sleep last night – I was having trouble getting comfortable and I remember waking up from a nightmare at least once. Today was still a pretty good day, though.

I listened to some records, did some more writing, went to the bank with J, and spent a good amount of time doing mindfulness exercises. In hindsight, I should’ve probably done a load of laundry but it can wait until tomorrow.

The sky went dark and a thundershower rumbled through here this morning. I’ve been hoping for a good thunderstorm (not a damaging one, but a loud one) since my experience at DA’s cabin. Something that’ll help me see if they still bother me or if I’m back to being able to enjoy them. The thunder today was pretty sparse and it was light out so it wasn’t a good test.

J went out to do some shopping this evening. While she was out, I gave my folks a call and had a good conversation with them. They’ve seen my little corner of the Internet now and they don’t appear to be too freaked out so that’s good. I’ve said it before – I’m very lucky to have so much support from so many people. It’s made things much easier and really helped me along and I’m very, very grateful.

The plan for Sunday is still on – J and I are going to head over to FA’s place and help tear down the fence. I think I’ll bring my lucky crowbar along. You never know when you’ll need a crowbar.

I’m not sure what J and I are up to tomorrow. I think I may head over to the hardware store and pick up some 7018AC rods and a welding respirator. Unless it’s really windy out, the garage fills up with smoke pretty quickly and I don’t want to be breathing that stuff. I may head out for another motorcycle ride, too. We’ll see.

Stay safe!


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