And Here’s The Weekend Again

Song: “Perform This Way” by ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic

Mood: 7

Nightmares: 2

My evening medications hit me hard again last night. I’m not sure what’s different between the nights I really feel it and those that I don’t notice it at all. It doesn’t bother me, I find it more interesting than anything. I’ll try to remember to ask Dr W when I see him next week.

I woke J up a couple of times last night by making noises in my sleep when I was having nightmares. I only remember having two of them, and they’re the same nightmares I’ve been having for the last two years. Lately I’ve been having lots of zero and one nightmare nights, so having two occasionally is better than the way things used to be. I think that the increased prazosin has really helped with that.

My exercises went well today. The house was nice and quiet and there was very little traffic out in the street, which made it a lot easier to relax and focus on what I was trying to do. The mindfulness work in particular went very well, and I felt much better after doing it. When I was younger, I didn’t think much of things like meditation – it all seemed like a waste of time. Now, taking some time to work on mindfulness and worry has become an essential part of my day.

I took the normal route for my walk again today. I don’t know if it’s getting any easier – once I’m out there I still get very anxious and can’t stop thinking about everything that could go wrong. All I want to do is get back to the house.

I worked on the quadcopter again today and redid the screws with threadlocker. I then let it sit for a while before taking off the propellers and recalibrating everything just to be on the safe side. I put the props back on and gave it a try. It lifted off and started to drift to the right – the opposite direction that it used to go. The good news is I think I know why. This has been a very interesting project and I’m learning a lot.

J hasn’t said anything about the missing piece of my moustache. Maybe it’s not that bad. In any case, it’s just a couple more days and I’ll be in the clear…

J and I watched a Columbo this evening that we hadn’t seen before. I think we stopped watching them after we saw the previous episode (it was really bad – didn’t even have a murder). The poor guy solves all of these cases and he’s been a lieutenant since 1968. I think we’re into 1992 or 1993 now, so he hasn’t been promoted in what, 25 years? He should talk to his union.

Stay safe.

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