And Another Week Begins

Song: “Careful With That Axe, Eugene” by Pink Floyd

Mood: 7

I didn’t sleep very well last night. Only one nightmare, but I kept waking up for some reason. It was easy enough to get back to sleep, but I don’t like it when my sleep is interrupted like that. As a result, it took me longer than usual to get going this morning.

I bumped my exercise regimen up a notch this morning. Sped up the treadmill a bit and added some more weight to what I’m lifting. My arms are still a little rubbery but I felt like I’d accomplished something when I finished all of my physical and mental exercises this morning. It was a good feeling.

I spent some time at my electronics bench again, mostly just playing around. I’ve set up an old Raspberry Pi down there so I can start using it to do things like blink lights or run servo motors. My imagination used to run wild with possibilities when I’d look at my electronics bench but now it’s very difficult to think of something creative to do with all of the components and parts I’ve collected over the years.

After that, I listened to some records. I think I’ve said this before but there are some records and songs that sound better with the hissing and pops of vinyl. “King of the Road” by Roger Miller is probably the best example of this that I have in my collection. It just sounds… proper when it’s on vinyl.

I spent quite a bit of time today working on the CD homework that Dr P gave me last week. The most successful method by far for me seems to be the one where I treat unwanted thoughts as bullies and yell at them to leave me alone. I don’t know how practical that method will be outside of me practicing it but at least it’s promising. Another method that works better than most is to pretend to put a tag on the thoughts that says they are “broken” and shouldn’t be used. I hope I can get the CD to work, it would be really nice to, say, have a thought about work and just toss it away.

My mom called this afternoon and we had a good chat. My parents are visiting relatives and having a wonderful time. I’m glad they got out to see everyone.

I texted with DA today and we’re going to try to get together for a while sometime this week. He’s a really busy guy so it’s tough for him to nail down a time too far in advance. I’m looking forward to seeing him, it’s been a long time.

J and I have been watching a lot of Community episodes. We started back at season 1 and still find it really funny.

Tomorrow I have my Dr W appointment. It will be good to see him again, I have a couple of questions for him and am hoping that we can start trying to reduce some of my medications again.

Stay safe.

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  1. I wonder if they have a technique where you get to SQUISH THE HEADS of those thoughts. Like

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