And Another Day Goes By

Overall, today went pretty well. I’m almost caught up on laundry and this evening J and I cleaned the fish tank and gave the kitchen a good once over. Being a big fan of the Mass Effect series, I bought and started downloading Mass Effect: Andromeda, which I was very excited to play. I say “was” because when I went to play it, my computer started the game, ran it very poorly for a couple of minutes, then coughed and died. I knew my computer didn’t meet the minimum requirements but I didn’t expect it to be that out of date. Ah, well. Someday I will get a new machine and will be able to play it. I’m still using the machine I bought to play the original Mass Effect back in 2011 so it’s had a pretty good run.

But enough about that. The rest of my day went quite well. In addition to the laundry, I put some stuff away, organized some other stuff, and gave a lot of thought to an electronics problem that a friend of mine has. I also went out of my comfort zone and spent a couple of hours setting up Internet radio on a Raspberry Pi (still have a ways to go before it’s practical but I’m encouraged with what I’ve got so far). FA sent me a text asking what I was up to so I hope maybe we can get together sometime next week. It’s always fun when we go on capers (as she calls them).

I am certain now that the medication reductions Dr W did last Wednesday are kicking in. I’m still quite sedated in the mornings, but I am much more alert in the evenings than I was before. I was worried that it would make it harder to fall asleep but that doesn’t seem to be the case – my evening medications take care of that quite nicely. I’m looking forward to further reductions. I’m not having many problems with side-effects, I just don’t want to be taking stuff I don’t need.

The weather here has been really quite nice for the last few days, up around +10C in the afternoons. I am really looking forward to a +13C or +15C day so I can open all the windows and enjoy the fresh spring air. I have been thinking of how nice it would be to ride my motorcycle again, but I’m worried that it’s just going to sit there unused for another year. I have enough difficulty driving a four-wheeled vehicle – riding unprotected on two wheels seems almost impossible.

I’ve got a lot of things planned for the weekend. I planted some seeds last week and some of the tomatoes have sprouted so I think I’m going to move them into bigger pots to give them room to grow. I also want to make some bread and maybe walk over to the grocery store to pick up some stuff. I’d also like to get outside and clean the garage and maybe do some welding. That would be a nice treat!

Stay safe!

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