Already Starting This One A Little Late…

Song: “Holiday Road” by Lyndsay Buckingham

Mood: 6.5

Nightmares: 0

Ghosts: Moderate

I need to keep this short – got to get to bed soon.

I woke up many times last night. Most of them were because I was worrying that house keys were hanging from the front doorknob, so I kept hopping onto my phone and checking the photos I took on my nightly rounds. I’m still not sure if taking those pictures is a good thing or it’s just helping to feed my OCD, but when I can look at them and believe that they’re right, being able to look at the phone for 90 seconds while I’m still in bed sure beats getting up and wandering around the house for 15 minutes.

It took me a while to build up enough steam to lift myself out of bed this morning. I made some eggs in the egg cooker, made breakfast, and settled down to eat and do some reading. I like having the egg along with the rest of my breakfast – a little protein goes a long way.

I went out to do my homework but had to cut it short due to a nosebleed that I got about 20 minutes into my time in the truck. Fortunately, I caught it before I made much of a mess. I’m a little curious as to why I got one today – the last one I had was about four years ago, and I know what caused that one. Hopefully it’s just a one-time thing and tomorrow I won’t have any trouble.

J and I have some packages coming over the next few days. One of them has to be assembled and it needs to sit on a sturdy, flat surface. There’s a little bench in the basement that will do the job quite nicely, so I spent some time today checking it out and figuring out what I need to do with it to make it perfect. It’s got a thin plywood top (I originally built it as a cheap way to test whether a kitchen island would be something we would like to have) and I want to put a brace under the middle to stiffen it up a bit. A quick dash of paint across the top to make sure that it doesn’t produce any sawdust when papers or hands touch it, and it should be all ready to go.

I also need to get a computer ready. I have a laptop that’s a little long in the tooth but it’s a really good machine. It used to be J’s main computer but she got a new one a while back and gave the old one to me (thank you!!!). It’s got more than enough horsepower and memory to competently do what I need. It hasn’t been turned on in quite a while, though, so I gave it a once-over, powered it on, and did a bunch of cleaning, uninstalling, installing, updating, and waiting. I think it’s ready to go.

Other than that, not too much is going on. I’m certainly not complaining, and I have my fingers crossed that tomorrow is like that too.

Stay safe.

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