Already Really Late

Song: “Livin’ In The Sunlight, Lovin’ In The Moonlight” by Tiny Tim

Mood: 7

Nightmares: 0

Ghosts: Pack

Really quick – it’s already almost 1AM. J and I were having a good talk after we ran out of Brooklyn Nine-Nine to watch, and the time got away on us.

Today was a decent day. I didn’t sleep as well last night as the previous night but it wasn’t too bad – four times that I remember, and I had to get out of bed once.

I’ve been spending a lot of time going through my old electronic parts and seeing if I can get them talking with the Arduino. Some of the stuff is so old… like, decades old. Some of it still works, though:

HD44780 LCD and DS18B20 temperature sensor

Those are supposed to be smileys at the bottom

My Dr C appointment was alright. J drove me there and home (THANK YOU!!!) and she came up to finally meet Dr C face to face before my appointment. The appointment itself was, as usual, quite a lot of thinking. We’re still hammering away at the OCD and anxiety that makes me miserable when I leave the house.

No appointments tomorrow for either J or myself. I’m not sure what we’re going to do but hopefully it’s nice enough out that we can open some windows again.

Stay safe.

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