A Very Warm Sun Today

Song: “You’re The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly” by Loretta Lynn & Conway Twitty

Mood: 6

Nightmares: 0

Ghosts: Lots

I’m already fading pretty fast so I need to keep this post short so I wont end up with four pages of ……………………. like I had last night.

Today was not too bad. I was groggier than normal for longer than normal after I got up but it didn’t interfere too much with my morning schedule. I must be more tired than I thought because shortly after noon I had to really fight to keep from moving to the couch, pulling a blanket over me, and taking a nap. It was also pretty weird how quickly it came on, it was almost like someone threw a bucket of exhaustion on me. Plus, now that I’m writing this, my eyelids are getting heavier and heavier and my hands are getting dumber and dumber.

I spent some time with the printer again today and made a few things. J asked for one of those floppy dinosaurs, but in yellow this time. I think it turned out pretty well – using the ironing feature really smooths out that top layer! I also drew up and printed two of what I’d hoped would be phone/tablet styli for J and me. I did them with conductive ABS. You may recall that I said before that I gave up on printing with ABS but in this case I’m just trying to print little things and I couldn’t get conductive PLA. Anyway, after the first design was done on the printer, it looked pretty great until I picked it up and it fell apart – total delamination. Never saw that before. The second attempt with a higher temperature and lower feed rate worked out much better but it didn’t do a very good job at being a stylus. I have some ideas and, fortunately, some more of the conductive ABS sample packs…

While the dinosaur was printing, I did some cleaning up in the room the printer is in. Parts of it now look wonderful, while other parts look an order of magnitude messier than when I started. Oh well… part of the process I suppose. As part of the process, I finally decided to get rid of some of my old books (mostly textbooks) that I don’t use, haven’t used, and don’t expect to use again. Some of them are about stuff that I have NO desire to ever look at again unless I absolutely have to (I’m talking to you, Calculus textbook). Some of them fall within the scope of stuff that I’m still doing or still want to do but they’re too old (not a lot of token ring around anymore, Data Comm textbook). Others may still be useful and contain current information but it’s just so much faster to go to a search engine than it is to find a book and then find the info I’m looking for. This all being said, I much prefer paper versions to electronic versions, particularly if it’s something that I’m going to want to jot down little notes about and dog-ear pages for later.

[Okay, I’m fading really fast here. Need to wrap up.]

It sounds like FA and DM might be coming over on Monday. It will be great to see them, it’s been a while since the four of us got together to chat, eat pizza, and hang out!

J and I have been trying out iZombie. It’s not too bad so far – they’re still figuring out what the characters are going to be like but I’ve enjoyed it and I think J has too.

There was more I was going to type but I just can’t do it tonight. Need to brush my teeth and get into bed while I can still shuffle around.

Stay safe.

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