A Quiet Weekend

Song: “Amanda” by Don Williams

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I got out on Friday morning for my walk when it was still nice and cool. Unfortunately, by mid-afternoon, the temperature had come up enough that I finally had to give in and shut the windows and turn on the air conditioning. It was nice having the fresh air inside for the better part of a week!

There was a weird, very loud BOOM-BOOM outside on Friday afternoon. I was sitting on the couch in the living room at the time and it scared the crap out of me. I thought it was thunder, so I opened the blind but couldn’t see any clouds. I went outside and tried to figure it out, but didn’t have any luck. I was on edge for the rest of the afternoon, but it didn’t happen again. J didn’t hear anything about it on the radio or see anything in the news, so I have no clue what it was. Hopefully nobody got hurt.

I had a couple of good text conversations on Friday, and I dug around on the Internet for some more candidates for amusing/cute little videos to send around. I hope that everybody that I text with knows that they’re not under any obligation to text back – my intent is definitely not to stress anybody out about replying!

I’m still quite tired. I don’t seem to be dropping my phone when I close my eyes anymore, but I’m still bumping into things and I’m having trouble with words. It’s annoying.

J went to visit her cousin on Friday evening. Unfortunately, her cousin is having a rough time right now – lots of anxiety and trouble sleeping – but she’s getting help and hopefully she’ll feel better soon.

Tomorrow, J has the final exam for a course she’s been taking. She spent a lot of the weekend studying and I did my best to be quiet and stay out of the way. I’m not writing this from the garage, so I think I did okay. J is going to be very happy when she’s done this course (and I will be happy for her).

This weekend went pretty well. I hung out with J when she wasn’t studying, and we had lots of time to talk and watch some Community over the weekend. We’ve switched back to Community until we figure out where we’re going next.

I also played a fair bit of Star Trek Online. I got a couple of messages from someone who was amused by me standing in the fountain, and then got invited to his fleet. I gave it some thought and then joined up. Man, every time I think I’ve got good equipment or have discovered all of the mini-games and duties and areas to explore, I find out just how little I know. The good news is that some of it plays like a Star Trek episode (exciting stuff like piloting the USS Gungalosis through a hailstorm of angry aliens and cyborgs). The bad news is that some of it plays like a Star Trek episode (not-so-exciting stuff like selling equipment on the Exchange for money, or trying to figure out why one of my duty officers DIED while planning a shipboard concert (I’m not actually joking – that actually happened)).

This evening I ran the dishwasher and did a load of laundry. I think I’m going to do the same thing again tomorrow and see if I can catch up on stuff.

It’s supposed to be warmer this week so I think getting into the habit of doing my walks earlier is going to pay off.

I am going to accomplish something this week. I’m not sure what, but I will accomplish SOMETHING.

Stay safe.

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