A Pretty Good Weekend

Song: “Take a Chance On Me” by ABBA

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This weekend went by very quickly. I did some stuff, got some relaxing in, and had some quiet time to think and reflect on things.

On Saturday afternoon, FA picked me up and we went to a lock picking seminar. It was pretty neat – the fellow who was running it brought a lot of locks, tools, and a whole bunch of patience. Everyone there was friendly and interested in sharing information and tips, and it made for a very fun and informative time. I was able to pick some of the locks but most of them were well beyond my skills. I also learned that I need to buy a couple more tools for my pick collection.

After the seminar, FA took me home and then we went inside and had a good chat with J, too. FA and J started talking about some stuff that I think was a little over my head, but it was all a very good time.

Today has been a pretty quiet day. I spoke with WG and my parents on the phone and had good conversations with everyone. WG and I are planning to go to the record store tomorrow, so that should be good.

In light of my 90km motorcycle ride the other day, my dad had an interesting idea. My parents live about 200km away, and he would be willing to meet me half way and drive as a support vehicle while I rode my motorcycle. That sounds like a really neat idea but it’s also kind of scary. I’ve only gone for two rides so far this year and I really need to change out the master link on the chain. It would be fantastic to be able to go to my parents’ place for the first time in a year and a half, but that’s pretty far, and I find it difficult to be away from home. We’re also pushing into September (I have no idea where the summer went) so I don’t have much time left to do a big ride like that.

It’s funny… a couple of years ago I would’ve gone 200km on the bike without batting an eye. I’ve done 4000km solo trips (including a couple of 900km days) so it shouldn’t be a big deal, and I’m much more comfortable on the motorcycle than I am in the car or truck. Still… I don’t know if I can do it, and having a big freak-out 150km from home would not be good.

So I’ve got a lot to think about in addition to the regular stuff. I hope this week goes well!

Stay safe.

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