A Nice Storm This Evening

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I didn’t sleep very well again last night. Only two nightmares (neither of which sent me to the living room) but I woke up quite a few times with my stomach tied in knots, positive that something was horribly wrong.

My exercises went better than they did yesterday. I still had trouble staying focused (mainly because I was so tired) but I felt better when I was done, and that’s the whole point of doing them.

I spent some more time today playing around with that piezo buzzer and didn’t have much more luck. I got it to weakly hum once, but that’s about it. FA sent me a text suggesting that I re-use the smoke detector circuit board since it already has everything on there. I should be able to re-solder the buzzer leads, plug in a 9V battery (which is what I’m hoping to run the whole thing on, anyway), and then press the smoke detector test button to start the beeping. I’ve already spent way too long working on that beeper and need to get to some other parts, too.

I looked up batteries for the truck today, and was originally thinking of seeing if J would be amenable to stopping on the way home from my Dr W appointment and picking one up (I made sure there were some in stock at a store on the way home). We ended up not stopping – J thought it was a good idea but I wasn’t up to it at that point – but maybe we can make a trip or something sometime soon. The truck hasn’t been started since March, and it’s not good to leave the poor thing just sitting there. Looking at it yesterday made me feel bad that I haven’t done anything with it. It’s just sitting there with the oil settling at the bottom, the gaskets slowly drying, etc, etc…. This time, though, I’m going to put the battery on a tender to keep it charged when the truck’s not being used.

My appointment with Dr W ran longer today than usual. He was particularly interested in what I’ve been doing over the course of a regular day and wanted to make sure that I’m not just sitting in the basement by myself, staring at the wall. Need to keep active and keep the depression away. He was very happy to hear that I was trying to build stuff again, and encouraged me to keep hanging out with J in the evenings and watching a show or two together.

It wasn’t as difficult as some of the appointments I’ve had, but I felt wrung out at the end of it (which is why we didn’t pick up a battery for the truck today). We got home, had supper, and then did our own thing for a while. I played some more Star Trek and thought some more about DA’s cabin stuff. J and I used to talk about having a cabin or cottage or something like that, but I don’t think I could handle not being there and not knowing what was going on. I would be very tempted to install cameras all over the place and then sit in front of a screen, monitoring them (like I did with the house before I ended up in the hospital).

J and I watched some more Parks and Recreation this evening. We’re almost done the second season and the last couple of episodes have been really good. “94 Meetings” in particular was fantastic.

A pretty good storm came through this evening. Lots of thunder and lightning, quite a bit of rain at times (we really need it), and even some hail (we didn’t need that). Aside from one really sharp BOOM, the rest of the storm was pleasant and reminded me of the storms we used to get out in the country when I was growing up. Rolling thunder that kept going and going, and enough lightning to read by. I got a little creeped out when I heard water running while we were watching TV but it turned out to just be the weeping tile draining. I haven’t heard that happen in… well, a couple of years I think. I think it’s because the ground is so dry that it’s pulled away from the foundation and the water is going straight down to the bottom to drain. Nice to know it still drains properly, though.

Tomorrow is my first appointment with Dr C in a little over a year. In addition to my usual reasons for not wanting to go, I’m anxious about changing back and I hope that things go well. I’m going to be grabbing a cab to and from the appointment, too, so that will make things a little more interesting. Wish me luck!

Stay safe.

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